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Tasting the best of Cyprus'Cuisine!

Cypriot cuisine is among the richest ones in the Mediterranean Sea. Set in a crossroads location among 3 continents (Europe, Asia and Africa), the mixture of cultures is reflected upon the local gastronomy.

Traditional tastes and recipes from Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria & Egypt have been harmonically combined into creating the very interesting gastronomy of Cyprus.

What to eat in Cyprus

The ‘big star’ of Cypriot cuisine is the world famous halloumi cheese, which is offered in all possible forms - grilled, fried, in salads, grated on pasta, fresh in sandwiches…

The ideal way to taste the variety of delicacies Cyprus has to offer is to go to a traditional tavern and order all the possible “mezedes”. “Mezes” is a small portion of food either meat or vegetable-based, usually accompanied by refreshing alcoholic drinks, like “zivania” or wine.

Fish dishes in Cyprus are also of excellent quality and freshly caught while you might be welcomed to the kitchen to choose from that day’s catch.

The most popular street foods in Cyprus to have on the go, are souvlakia wrapped in pitta bread, tiropitta, a pastry cheese pie, spanakopita, similar, but with spinach, and corn on the cob.

As for breakfast, all over Cyprus you will find bakeries and pastry shops offering a diverse production of high-quality pastries, croissants, and bread.

Wine in Cyprus

Cyprus is also very popular for its wine - excellent white and red varieties to choose from. The most popular is Coumandaria, a superb sweet wine, which is considered to be the oldest wine on Earth, firstly made by Richard the Lionheart and his crusaders. Zivania is also a known Cyprus alcoholic drink, while Brandy Sour is the renowned ‘Cypriot Cocktail’.

In this Cyprus Food Guide, you will find the best hotels with restaurants and dining resorts in Cyprus offering delicious breakfast, lunches, and dinners!

The best hotels with restaurants and dining resorts in Cyprus

World-class hotels and dining resorts in Cyprus cater to the tastes of the most discerning food travelers.

Most of the city hotels with restaurants and large beach resorts in Cyprus provide you with dining options to satisfy travelers with different tastes. Focused on International and Mediterranean cuisine, featuring Cypriot, Greek, Italian, BBQ, Mexican, and Asian delicacies to name just a few.

Moreover, the dining hotels and resorts in Cyprus offer continental breakfast with large buffets filled with freshly baked croissants and bread, marmalades, local fruits, eggs, cheese, and cold meats paired with healthy juices, tea and coffee.

Especially, the city hotels and beach resorts in Limassol are known for featuring some of the most high-end restaurants in Cyprus serving large buffets breakfasts, international lunches and dinners combined with stunning views of the sea.

While in the popular beach resort towns of Cyprus, Ayia Napa and Protaras, you will find seaside luxury resorts with plenty of dining options including Asian dishes with Mediterranean twists, intimate dinners by the beach, themed buffets, and of course, refreshing drinks and cocktails.

See our collection of the best high-end hotel restaurants and dining resorts by the beach in Cyprus.

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The top places in Cyprus for food travelers

In Cyprus, eating out with family and friends plays a significant role in the Cypriot way of life. Wherever you go in Cyprus, you will find traditional restaurants and taverns serving mouth-watering Cypriot dishes, while international eateries and popular food chains can be found especially in its big cities NicosiaLimassol and Larnaka. While in the welcoming city of Paphos, you will taste the freshest fish and shellfish at one of best seafood restaurants in Cyprus located in the harbor of the area. 

Find below the best places for traditional and gourmet dining experiences in Cyprus.