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Peloponnese Travel Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Peloponnese

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Holidays in Peloponnese, Greece

Do you like road trips? If so, then consider visiting Peloponnese! This large Greek peninsula is full of hiden gems awaiting to be discovered. Enjoy the best of the Greek cuisine in local taverns within mountainous villages or fresh fish by the sea! Swim in isolated beaches or visit the organised ones with beach facilities! One thing is for sure, you will wish to come over again.

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Peloponnese is a big peninsula in Southern Greece, with big cities, small villages, historical landmarks, beautiful nature and welcoming & kind people.
Peloponnese is distinguished for its breathtaking beaches with the crystal clear waters and excellent swimming conditions. Some popular beaches in Peloponnese are Voidokoilia Beach, Navagio Beach, Elafonisos Beach, Kalogria Beach and Loutra of Kyllini.
The great theatre of Epidaurus is located in the old small city of Epidaurus, at the Saronic Gulf. Epidaurus Theatre is the most beautiful and well-preserved among all the ancient Greek theatres. With a capacity of 13,000 spectators, the ancient theatre still hosts several performances every year, mainly during the summer months and on the occasion of the annual cultural festival taking place there. Among many famous actors and performers, the world known Greek Diva Maria Callas, had performed here several times.

The Best Hotels and Beach Resorts in Peloponnese

All around Peloponnese you will find luxury beach resorts, cozy boutique hotels, family-run accommodation facilities, and of cource hotels that own their own restaurant offering delicious local dishes or even gourmet pleasures!
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