As the travel market evolves and changes, travellers seem to be looking for more personalised hotel choices. They use long-tail keywords and add more criteria to their online searches, trying to get just the right results that match their wishes. Particularly travellers from Gay, Luxury, Food, and Wellness travel markets, tend to use more specific criteria during their search for the hotel that will host their next holidays. Travel by Interest (TBI) identifies what travellers search mostly for each destination or travel trend, and creates special Hotel Collections, through which recommends only hotels that match the travellers' criteria. 

At the same time, TBI develops and presents targeted SEO optimized content, that provides more useful information to the travellers and increases the conversions. Hotels can now register for free and be included in special Hotel Collections that correspond to their profile, receiving direct price checks and website visits. Moreover, the hotels that want to boost their results even more, can do so by enabling a Hotel Collection Campaign

How it Works:

  • Your Hotel can Register for Free and connect its Booking Engine to all related content within TBI.
  • The TBI Experts will then include your hotel in special Hotel Collections about Gay Luxury, Food & Wellness travel categories, as well as Themed Collections related to your destination or to popular international travel trends (your Hotel will be included for Free in any of these collections that correspond to its profile).
  • You can boost your Hotel's results by enabling a Hotel Collection Campaign, that will highlight your property within the specific Hotel Collection(s) you have selected.

What happens when you enable a Hotel Collection Campaign?

  • Your hotel automatically shows at the top positions of the selected hotel collection
  • Your hotel is presented with a highlighted design, and marked with the words TOP CHOICE
  • Your hotel automatically enables a distinguishable Hotel Website button, that leads more direct traffic (through quality backlinks) to your official website

Why do the Hotel Collection pages visitors present an increased booking Intention?

  • The TBI Hotel Collections gather traffic mostly from Search Engines, either organically or using paid methods, therefore, as they present only related and high-quality content, they have higher conversions.
  • The Collections' audience is characterized by a “Ready to Book” attitude, since they have just made a search for a hotel using specific criteria.
  • The carefully selected hotel recommendations in each Hotel Collection are presented with relevant images to the search terms used, thus leading to an increased booking potential.  

Want to start a Hotel Collection Campaign for your Hotel?