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Vietnam Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Vietnam for Food Lovers

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Vietnam is not only a paradise of natural beauty and landscapes, but also a country with a uniquely rich gastronomic history and culture.

Food Travel Tips

Comprised of 54 ethnicities, divided into three geographic areas with different cultures and climates and strongly affected by the Chinese and French cuisines, Vietnamese gastronomy offers an unforgettable culinary experience serving rather simple, yet amazingly tasty dishes.
It is said that Vietnamese food “includes” people souls and trying their traditional dishes means that you take a “deep dive” in Vietnamese personalities, culture and temperament.
Given the huge variety of Vietnamese traditional cuisine is difficult to distinguish the best dishes, but an attempt of suggestion would surely include the following: Hue beef noodle soup, Hoi An Vermicelli, the indispensable sticky rice cake, Bamboo cooked rice and West Lake’s Shrimp cake.
Vietnamese food is quite cheap and easy to make - it doesn't require complicated processes like Chinese food and it is not as appealing and ‘eye-catching’ as Japanese dishes are; however, it tastes so good, that you will never forget anything you try!

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