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Switzerland Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Switzerland for Food Lovers

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Having a strong farming culture, Swiss gastronomy is distinguished by its simplicity. It makes use of common local products, such as potatoes and cheese. Swiss cuisine has been shaped by the influence of different cultures like French, German and Italian. The touch of the particular Swiss element couldn't but just make an important difference.

Food Travel Tips

The most beloved ingredients in Switzerland, which are heavily consumed in many different ways and recipes, are cheese, meats and chocolate.
Switzerland produces a wide range of different cheeses for all tastes and preferences. Either soft, semi-soft, hard, fresh, cave-aged, creamy or dry, light or strong-flavored, one thing is for sure: local Swiss cheese can be found nowhere else.
As for the meat, which is another Swiss speciality, this can be found in many types from dry and smoked to cured and crude. The variety of meats includes sausages like “cervelat”, “bratwurst”, “schublig” and “saucisson vaudois”, different kind of bacon and ham and the popular types of cured meat from the region of Grisons.
When it comes to chocolate, the world-renowned Swiss chocolates is the best dessert, coming in a wide range of types, such as dark or milk chocolate, mixed with fruits, nuts or even chilly.
Switzerland offers a vast variety of eateries, ranging from bistros and brasseries to international cuisine or traditional style quaint restaurants for all tastes and demands.

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