Pattaya is a pretty popular and beloved destination by the LGBT community, and this is why many visit it more than once. It's considered one of the main gay friendly cities in Thailand, and it features an excellent gay nightlife. The breathtaking landscapes and paradise-like beaches come to top the whole experience!

Gay Scene

Pattaya is like a big gay hotspot and you will surely meet new gay people wherever you go. The locations which gather the majority of the local LGBT community and travelers are:

Boyztown is a gay nightlife district which used to be a gay venue in 1980. It features several gay clubs, bars, cafe, saunas and cruising spots.

Sunee Plaza is the 2nd most famous gay area in the city. There are several gay host bars with go-go dancing, table-top entertainment and shows while it mainly attracts older foreign men. Jomtien Complex is located south of Pattaya and it is still an under development gay area with some gay and gay friendly clubs, bars restaurants. Gay Events The local gay clubs and bars organize several gay events through the year, some of which take place annually while others don't. Currently, there aren't any popular events which happen every year!

Gay Beaches

There is only one gay beach near in Pattaya and it's called Dongtan. It is considered as the most popular gay beach in Thailand, attracting thousands of gay locals and tourists annually. It is an organised beach with many sun loungers and shade

s available to rent. Across the beach, there is a road with many stalls selling delicious food, drinks as well as masseurs offering the legendary Thai massage. Most of the people prefer to visit it in the afternoon, usually between 5-6pm.

Gay Accommodation

There are several exclusively gay guest houses and apartments in Pattaya which will surely keep up to your expectations. But you could also choose to stay in a gay friendly hotel, resort or villa which will provide you with higher quality amenities as well as the same atmosphere gay accommodation have!

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Single Gay Travellers

Pattaya is a very popular destination among the single LGBT travelers and many prefer to visit it more than once. The reasons why it's so famous are:

  • The liberal nature of the city.
  • The extremely good gay nightlife.
  • The beautiful natural environment and paradise-like beaches.
  • The gay friendly and kind locals.
  • The big and active local LGBT community.

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