If you love adventure and are a bit of an adrenaline junkie, you shouldn’t wait for your holiday to try out different things. Instead, incorporate your love for fun and adventure into your everyday life by choosing a hobby that will embody everything you need. And if you are unsure where to start, here are some great suggestions on how to add a bit of spice into your daily itinerary.    

Rock climbing

Photo by Hayden Hunt on Unsplash

Now, this will definitely get your heart pumping. If you are just beginning, starting in nature might not be the best option. So in order to get the hang of it, pun intended, go to your local rock climbing club, they are bound to have a climbing wall where you can practice and get a feel for this sort of adventure. And not only that, you can also get expert advice and learn some tricks so as to ease into rock climbing in nature. And when you feel ready, start with some lower heights and make sure someone with more experience accompanies you. Don’t worry, the adrenaline rush won’t be amiss when you are in the middle of a cliff looking down. Have fun!

Dirt bike riding

Let’s crank up the adrenaline. If you love motorcycles and you want something more adventurous than simply riding your bike down the highway, dirt biking is a lot more than that. The jumps, the rough terrain, and yes, there is an element of danger, but that’s what makes this hobby so much fun. But, first thing’s first, you need a quality dirt bike and a trusted store where you can get all the necessary dirt bike parts. For this hobby the next step is finding your team mate or crew. It is advisable to do this hobby in a team or with a partner, if your bike breaks down, or you have a difficult landing it is good to have someone there with you. Finally, start off with lighter tracks and jumps and then work your way up to the more dangerous ones. You are bound to have the time of your life if you pursue this type of adventurous hobby. 

Scuba diving

Photo by Logan Lambert on Unsplash

This sport is both exciting and relaxing at the same time. On the one hand, you get to spend long periods under the water in that complete, relaxing silence, on the other the excitement of coming face to face with the marine life, and even going as far as diving with sharks can make it  a lot more adventurous. Of course, you’ll need to attend a scuba diving course and to have a few practice runs, just to get accustomed to being underwater and get your breathing rhythm. One of the biggest benefits of this type of hobby is that you can go around the globe exploring fun and interesting scuba diving locations.


Cheap, healthy and loads of fun, skateboarding is a great hobby for guys looking to blow off some steam. You can opt for an outdoor version and spend a few hours cruising down the streets or, if you live near a beach, down the coastal road. When you want to up the adrenaline levels, visit your local skate park and have some fun conquering the quarter pipes, pyramides and decks. The best part is that you are not dependant on the weather, there are some great indoor parks you can visit and improve on your skillset.

Martial arts

Photo by Thao Le Hoang on Unsplash

It doesn’t get more manly than picking up a martial art’s related hobby. Depending on your personal preferences you can opt for anything from Judo to Muay Thai. Find a club near you and sign up. As soon as you get the hang of it you can start competing and, let’s face it, adrenaline won’t be lacking. Taking up a martial art is great for your heat and physical fitness, but it also help you get rid of stress and form great friendships on the mats.

Time to get off the couch and start your next adventure, whether it's getting on your dirt bike and hitting the hills or getting your ass kicked on the mats, you will definitely get your heart pumping from these hobbies.

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