What do you regard as 'gourmet' cuisine?

What's the meaning behind this word? Are bite-sized dishes the true face of Fine Dining? And, lastly, why should this information bother you for your vacations anyway? For us, Fine Dining is not about pretty dishes with flower petals and strategically placed ingredients. Fine Dining is a spoonful of flavors, aromas, memories and traditions intertwined - the familiar taste of your grandmother's cooking.

And this kind of fine dining, you are going to encounter in an unexpected island in Greece ~ Corfu. Corfu's traditional cuisine is quite popular in Greece but it was never a considerable option for fine-dining. That was, of course, until very recently, when the luxury hotel Marbella Nido Suite Hotel & Villas opened its doors, alongside its three wonderful restaurants.


A Few Words about Corfu Cuisine

Here in Travel by Interest, we love exploring foreign destinations' cuisines and food habits. We know that we diverge from our main topic, but, Corfu's delicious cuisine is definitely worthy to mention. Corfiot Cuisine is mixed with many influences from the nearby Mediterranean countries. Though the Greek and the Venetian influences are the prevailing ones.

Some of the most precious local ingredients of Corfu include local honey, extra virgin olive oil and sheep yoghurt. Eastern spices, wine and local cheese are also prominent in many local recipes. Tavernas (traditional Greek restaurants) are best to enjoy traditional Corfiot dishes and Greek cuisine, especially in small villages, you will find taverns using high-quality ingredients, sourced from the countryside.

Now, let's get back to our main topic:

Fine Dining at MarBella Nido | Sculpturing the Gastronomic Landscape of Corfu

The restaurants of MarBella Nido Suite Hotel & Villas had a huge impact on the local food tradition. Apaggio A la Carte Restaurant, Aquavit Pool A la Carte Restaurant, and San Giovanni Main Restaurant have excited all the hotel's guests with the high-quality and deliciousness of their dishes.

Buffet Breakfast & Dinner at San Giovanni Main Restaurant

The main restaurant, San Giovanni, is where you will take most of your meals, starting from your everyday breakfast. The breakfast is great for both early and late risers, as it's served from 7:30 to 11:00. A variety of cold cuts, traditional breakfast dishes, marmalades, and other delicious delicacies to munch on are perfect to fuel your day. For dinner, you encounter a delicious buffet menu with so many options that's more like an a la carte menu.

A traditional dinner at Apaggio A la Carte Restaurant

Imagine authentic Corfiot dishes completely redesigned to match 21st Century's Food "Design". Let's see see what you should choose for a 100% traditional food experience at Apaggio a la Carte Restaurant. For starter, you opt for the traditional chicken "pastitsada". Slow-cooked chicken in traditional spicy sauce and and light bechamel enhanced with Corfu Butter. The best part is that you can also pick it as a main dish.

However, as we have already picked pastitsada for starter, we are going to pick lamb "tsilihourda" for main course. The protagonist of this delicious dish is lamb leg that's slowly cooked in the oven for 12 hours at 74οC. It's served with a handful of sauteed fresh vegetables and a light lemon-sauce. 

For dessert, you should pick something light like the Lemon-Lime Curd with Meringues & Kumquat Sorbet. And, this is a respected meal for one person that will introduce you to the finest of Greek Cuisine in a more elegant and gourmet way. Don't forget the a glass of white wine pairs great with the above recipes.

A Light Lunch by the pool at Aquavit Pool A la Carte Restaurant

How does a light lunch by the pool sound to you? Aquavit Pool A la Carte Restaurant's diverse menu of salads, light plates and signature local delicacies offers plenty food alternative to munch on while sunbathing by the gorgeous infinity-edge pool.

A Few Words about Marbella Nido Suite Hotel & Villas

  Marbella Nido Suite Hotel & Villas sounds like the perfect hotel for every foodie out there, but what about the non-foodies, the ones who simply want a place to stay? Well, MarBella Nido Suite Hotel & Villas is not just about dining. Firstly, allow us to clarify that it's an Adults-Only Hotel, so it best suits for couples and single travellers.

The accommodation options are plenty, as you can choose from a diversity of junior suites, deluxe suites and villas. All rooms are gorgeous but we highly urge to opt for a room with sea views. The Deluxe Suite with Private Pool will suffice to make you never wanna leave the hotel (especially if you are with your other half).

Regarding the hotel's location, it's conveniently located at Agios Ioannis Peristeron, a tranquil area that's only minutes away from Corfu's most popular attractions. Lastly, keep in mind that MarBella Nido's beachfront location is super convenient if you don't want to drive.