Greece is a country with all-year-round sun, and a fertile earth that ensures growth of good crops every year. Therefore, Greeks use plenty of vegetables and fruits in the diet, including their breakfast. An authentic Greek breakfast consists of fresh, handpicked ingredients like eggs of the day, all sorts of vegetables and fruits, homemade pies, marmalades and baked goods.   

In ancient Greece, the most important meal of the day, breakfast, used to be also the most filling. Locals used to fill it with large amounts of animal fats to provide enough energy for the day’s labors

21st century finds Greek breakfast more sumptuous than ever. Millennials follow the latest breakfast trends in Europe and have included muesli, avocado and other modern breakfast items in their morning breakfast routine. Among the countless places that you can enjoy a good breakfast in Greece, there is a hotel in the heart of the country, Athens, whose unique breakfast makes it stand out from the others.

Breakfast at AthensWas | A Classic Breakfast with Modern Twist!

Using fresh ingredients that remind of Greece, AthensWas has created a sumptuous, flavor-packed meal with all the qualities to become your most favorite breakfast in Athens. It is served in an a la carte style, ensuring an always fresh breakfast, with a-la-minute dishes tailored to your personal preferences.

But… what flavors and dishes are you going to enjoy at   AthensWas Hotel? Well, all sorts of things. Let’s start from the simple-but-not-so-simple Thessaloniki’s sesame bread. You can enjoy it either with tomato, cucumber and cream cheese of Feta and oregano, or with cream cheese of Graviera, apaki, and tomato confit.

Also, don’t miss the sweet pancakes with honey, fresh pomegranate, and poached dried figs. While, if you are a chocolate "freak", just order the pancakes with chocolate praline, chestnuts, and strawberries. For a healthier breakfast choice, opt for the Greek yogurt with dried and fresh fruits, a mix of superfood (nuts, goji berries, etc.) and honey.

The more recipes, the more flavors!

For a full taste of Greece, prefer the savory pie with Naxos’ graviera, leek, and mushrooms. Or you could opt for the kagianas dish, made with local, Greek tomatoes and the purest of ingredients.

The sweet bougatsa rolls with cinnamon will transport you in an instant to the Greek co-capital, Thessaloniki. This is how your breakfast at AthensWas will introduce you to the rich Greek cuisine, by offering unique dishes to remember.

Impatient, peeps? You can   check prices directly at the hotel here, or you could learn a little bit for the hotel below!

AthensWas | A Design Hotel in the Center of Athens!

AthensWas is a design hotel on the pedestrian Dionysiou Areopagitou Street in the center of Athens, very close to Acropolis Metro Station. It’s nearby the most important sights of Athens, like the Acropolis Museum and the Herodion Atticus Ancient Theatre, while a car is optional when staying there.

It has a minimal design with unique touches of Ancient Greece. There are rooms for all types of travelers. However, every room is spacious, cozy and packed with modern facilities.

For a unique stay with your other half, we highly recommend you the Signature suite with Acropolis View. It’s a 40 m2 room that stands out for its gorgeous design and, of course, magnificent views over the awe-inspiring Acropolis.             


AthensWas Restaurant | Awake your senses!

Perched on a spectacular rooftop, Sense Restaurant will provide you with breathtaking views to enjoy during your lunch or dinner. Its special menu, crafted by Chef Alexandros Charalambopoulos, features inspired Greek dishes with a modern twist that will let you deeply dive into the local gastronomy.

For lunch, you can choose from a diversity of sandwiches, pasta and main dishes like croaker fish fillet. The dinner menu includes many original recipes like the “Rakomelo Salad,” the codfish “tsigareli,” the “imam” with lamb and more.

Don’t leave a single bite behind!

Don’t waste any more time and dip into the delicious Greek food tradition by   booking directly to the hotel here. For more photos and information about the hotel, you can check out its website by clicking here.