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Mauritius Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Mauritius for Gay Travellers

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Relaxing Gay Holidays in Mauritius

Known for its delicious seafood and exotic beaches Mauritius is among the top honeymoon destinations in Africa. Even though it is not a gay scene destination and keeping a discrete profile when in public is reccomended, the locals of Mauritious welcome gay travellers from all over the world.

Gay Travel Tips

Despite the fact that the local communty is pretty conservative, Mauritius hosts several gay-friendly hotels and venues while locals are known to be very friendly towards tourists. 
The gay scene of Mauritius is completely unrganised and there are not any gay venues on the island, however the majority of the local bussineses have a very friendly atmosphere. The locals are generally very friendly, however, keeping a discreet profile is essential since conversatism is still prominent. There are also hidden irregural gay parties taking place as well.
Mauritius is widely popular for its breathtaking white sand beaches with turqoise blue waters. Even though there are not any eclusively gay beaches on the island, there are several isolated hotspots where you will be able to feel more relaxed with your partner. Popular beaches in Mauritius are Trou aux Biches, Mont Choisy, Pereuybere, La Cuvette, and Grand Bay

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