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Portugal Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Portugal for Food Lovers

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The Best of Portuguese Food & Wine

Portugal is a country with a very rich gastronomic history, dating back to the centuries. The distinctive characteristics of Portuguese cuisine are of course fish and seefood as well as the aromatic herbs such as coriander, pepper, ginger, curry, saffron, and paprika!

Food Travel Tips

There are many fish specialties included in the top dishes of the country while the most popular fish varieties (always freshly fished) are rock bass (robalo), gilthead seabream (douradas), scabbard fish (peixe-espada) and horse mackerel (carapaus).
Meat is widely used in Portuguese cuisine and while visiting the country you should not neglect tasting the most famous dishes, prepared with beef, pork or chicken.
Different varieties of cheeses are must-try delicacies when travelling to Portugal. The most favourable one is “Queijo da Serra”, a delicate sheep cheese made in Serra da Estrela region. If you are a cheese lover do not forget to try the creamy little cheeses of Azeitao, “Serpa”, “cabreiro”, and “Queijo da llha”, which is also used in many traditional dishes!
Portuguese wines are popular all over the world, with the renowned Madeira wine being the most famous. Enjoy a tasteful glass of wine together with a delicious platter of local cheese and introduce yourself to a whole new set of gastronomic experiences!

The Best Hotels with Restaurants in Portugal

Boutique hotels, countryside villas, or even hotels that used to be palaces in Portugal, feature gastronomy restaurants offering exceptional wine-tasting and gastronomic experiences always combined with views over the sea, the mountains or romantic city landscapes.

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