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Spa Breaks in Portugal

Finding the right balance between mind and body is naturally expected whenever visiting Portugal as its natural wealth offers the ideal conditions for the development of an integrated wellness concept.

The deep valleys in Madeira island, the enchanting forests in Braganca, the view from the cliffs and the white sanded beaches in Algarve, are only a few places in Portugal that make it the perfect choice for wellness holidays.

Now let’s dive into the top destinations for spa breaks in Portugal and the best spa hotels and wellness resorts featuring state-of-the-art spa facilities!

Best Destinations for Spa Breaks in Portugal

Lisbon is a hilly city of unrivalled beauty with several spots to climb in and admire splendid views to the sea. It has also many tourists’ attractions, charming plazas, and interesting buildings with Moorish architecture that worth to pay a visit! It is a city that really rejuvenates your mind, however, wondering all day around its cobblestone narrow streets can be pretty exhausting. That said, taking a spa break can be truly refreshing! Some of the best spa hotels in Portugal which are located in Lisbon provide you with special spa treatments, relaxing massages, and deluxe spa facilities!

Algarve, popular for its sandy beaches, it is one of the best destinations in Portugal to spend lazy days on the beach and soak up the healing rays of the hot sun. There you will also find spa hotels and resorts set right on the beach, offering advanced wellness facilities staffed by professional therapists. Being a coastal city Algarve has a plethora of water activities to do including scuba diving, snorkelling, watching the dolphins, visiting impressive caves, jet skiing, sailing, and much more!

Evora, one of the oldest cities in Portugal which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the most interesting yet tranquil places to unwind in Europe. Its medieval beauty travels you back in time, with prominent architectural buildings, cathedrals, and charming narrow streets. The spa hotels of Evora invite you to relax in peaceful settings surrounded by olive trees and natural landscapes.

Vila Nova de Cerveira is the ultimate getaway in Portugal to listen to the birds and escape the crowds and the stresses of everyday life. It is a small Portuguese village that lies on the bank of the River Minho. Apart from swimming and kayaking, there are plenty of activities to do by the riverside including hiking, biking, or just chill and relax with a book on hand. 

Best Spa Hotels and Wellness Resorts in Portugal

Portugal is an ideal country for wellness holidays and relaxation in nature due to its many sublime spa hotels nestled within tranquil settings.

All over the country there is a wide selection of spa hotels set right on the beach and wellness hotels located in beautiful villages! From Algarve to Lisbon to Porto, Portuguese spa hotels pamper you with deluxe spa treatments, face and body therapies as well as relaxing massages along with yoga classes, detox menus and cleansing juices.

Especially in the cities of Lisbon and Algarve, you will find world-class hotels with peaceful wellness centers and heavenly swimming pools. 

While Evora and Vila Nova de Cerveira are laid-back destinations for relaxing breaks in nature, while spa hotels with special spa facilities and friendly professional staff boost your wellness experience even more.

Find below the best wellness hotels, resorts and villas that are perfect for wellness vacations and spa breaks in Portugal!

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The Top Places in Portugal for Wellness Travellers

The cities of Lisbon and Algarve are known for hosting some of the best spa hotels, resorts and day spas in Portugal. However, all over the country, you will find amazing places to relax in nature, beaches to swim, and even spa hotels within charming villages.

Discover the top places for wellness travellers in Portugal.