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The Bahamas Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in The Bahamas for Gay Travellers


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Hotels for Gay Travellers in The Bahamas

Gay Bahamas Travel Guide 2018 | Gay Life in Nassau and More!

The Bahamas is one of the most upcoming gay holiday destinations in the Caribbean, gay rights have not been fully granted yet except the legislation of same-sex relationships and military services.  Homophobia is still prominent in the country, but it should be noted that every single island has a different degree of tolerance. There are various activists around the country, trying to give more visibility to the local gay community.

The Gay Community of The Bahamas is still 'in the closet', so the exclusively gay places are hidden, and you can't find them easily. There is actually an underground "gay" scene in Nassau, however, it mainly compromises of gay-friendly places which happen to be frequented by gay people.

Gay Marriage in the Bahamas is not yet recognized by the country but there are a few gay-friendly resorts which practice small ceremonies for gay couples as well. Overall, there are not any gay-only hotels in the Bahamas, but the gay-friendly hotels and resorts tend to show a gay-friendlier attitude!

The beach at the Westend Esplanade is a popular spot, while you can also find an all-male Turkish bathhouse, which is a great choice for relaxing and refreshing moments.

The Bahamas is not a country to visit for its gay scene, but for its stunning natural beauty. The country is surrounded by miles of white sand while their turquoise waters charm you only by gazing at them. Don't forget that it's also the country with the largest water park in the world!

Bahamas Gay-Friendly Hotels & Resorts!

The Bahamas is not a gay-friendly country, so it is essential to pick a gay-friendly hotel or resort since it can easily become the reference point of your exotic gay trip. Some of the hotels and resorts in the country can also arrange a small ceremony for you and your beloved one, even though gay marriage has not been recognized in the Bahamas yet. 

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