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Crete Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Crete for Food Lovers

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Cretan Gastronomy & Wine Tasting

Every year more and more travellers, seeking for combining relaxation, comfort and gastronomic experiences,  tend to visit Crete, the largest island in Greece! What attracts holidaymakers most to the island is apart from its many stunning beaches, its deliciious Cretan cuisine and the local wineries surrounded by vibrant vineyards.

The healthy dishes of Cretan cuisine are world-known famous for blending traditional and Mediterranean flavors enriched with locally produced olive oil, promising physical health and mental clarity.

Moreover, Crete is the  oldest wine-producing area in Europe, with a wine tradition that is more than 4000 years old. Local Cretan wine is served everywhere in Crete, while, some hotels even produce their own exceptional wine!

Food Travel Tips

As Crete has some of the oldest wine-producing areas, it is highly recommended to take part in a wine tour where you will taste some of the best collections of wine.
Peza Area is a major wine-production region in Heraklion of Crete as 70% of the local wine production comes from that area.
The most popular red grape varieties which produce delicious wines, are Kotsifali, Mantilari, Liatiko, Tsardana, and the outstanding Romeiko.
The traditional beef stifado is one of the most popular dishes in Crete, made of meat cooked with whole, small and sweet onions. There is also an alteration made with rabbit, which is even more tasty!
Don’t forget to leave some space for dessert - from the simple yogurt with honey to more complex sweets like almond cake and 'galaktompoureko' (pastry stuffed with fresh milk cream and syrup).
Don’t get carried away with “raki”; this Cretan drink is very strong and you may see locals drinking it as naturally as water, but keep in mind they are used to it.
The most popular Cretan dishes are made with lamb, chicken or rabbit. Make sure to try the amazing ‘gamopilafo’ (made with rice and lamb in the oven).
The traditional salad of Crete, Ntakos, is one of the most tasteful & healthiest salads you can eat! It has tomatoes, feta cheese and olives laid on a barley rusk, and is served with pure olive oil.
A typical meal in Crete starts with salads served with freshly baked bread or pies (don’t neglect to try 'kalitsounia' - sweet or savory). Moreover, before the main course, you should try an aromatic soup and some delicious pulses (delicious fava dominates).

The best hotels for gastronomic and wine tasting experiences in Crete

Apart from beach hotels and resorts, Crete has exceptional accommodation options that offer unique gastronomic and wine tasting experiences - Check out the amazing wineries that have been transformed into marvelous suites to stay!
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The Top Places for Food Lovers in Crete!

 Find below the best places to enjoy the best gastronomic experiences in Crete!

Most popular Sightseeing in Crete

Beeing especially known for its rich heritage and culture, it goes without saying that Crete has numerous museums and sightseeing attractions to visit. Below you will find what you should not miss if you are into sightseeing mood! 

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