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Gay Crete; The Less Known Gay Island of Greece that you should visit in 2018!

When you hear about gay holidays in Greece, you might think of Mykonos, but have you ever heard about Gay Crete?! Crete might be among the most popular islands of Greece, however, it's a little heard in the gay community. Gay Life in Crete does exist, but it's so discreet, that, without Grindr, you would think that there is none.

The best period to visit Crete is, of course, during the summer months. During the summer, Crete is literally packed with tourists from all over the world. The locals are more relaxed and the island becomes lively again, making your night excursions in the Cretan alleys even hotter. The most popular destinations for gay travelers in Crete are HeraklionChaniaRethymnon, and Agios Nikolaos, and Malia.

The local men are said to be very conservative... until you realize that they sent you a message in Grindr the other day. The gay community of Crete, as you might have already realized, is pretty hidden, so the gay places around the island are limited. The best places for gay travelers in Crete can be found in the towns referred above.

Talking about Gay Crete, we could not but refer to the gay-friendly beaches dispersed through the island, which are actually a great way to socialize with the locals or meet other fellow travelers. Some of the most popular gay beaches in Crete include Sarantari Beach near Hersonissos, Komos Beach near Matala, Kavros Beach near Georgioupolis and Maherida Beach near Chania!

Related to the gay events in Crete, they are limited. There are currently not any gay events, or parties worthy of mention, except the annual gay pride. The annual gay pride of Crete takes places in June or July, and it's one of the first steps of the local gay community to 'get out of the closet'. The gay pride takes place in Heraklion city, while these are some of the best hotels for Gay Travelers in Heraklion City!

Hotels & Beach Resorts in Crete, that You will love in your Next Gay Trip with your Bestie!

There are not any gay-only hotels in Crete, not even gay guesthouses. That, however, is not a bad thing. You will find several gay-friendly hotels and resorts around the island, especially in and around the big cities of Heraklion and Chania, as well as in popular summer resorts like Agios Nikolaos, and Elounda Bay. If you prefer more privacy, we would also recommend you to choose an adults-only hotel, where you might most probably find more gay guys than in regular hotels!

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The Top Places in Crete for Gay Travellers

As referred above, the gay scene of Crete is not organised at all, since the local gay community is discreet. The gay-only places around the island are limited, while the very few gay bars and clubs can only be found around major Cretan destinations like Malia, HeraklionChaniaAgios Nikolaos, and Rethymnon.

Crete is a top summer destination, so it's only natural for the beaches to be the most popular hotspot for gay travelers around the island. There various beaches around the island, where you can admire the local men's beauty and not only. You will find the most popular gay places in Crete as well as some major sights in the map below!