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Crete Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Crete for Gay Travellers

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Gay Holidays in Crete, Greece!

Gay accommodation, gay friendly bars & clubs, and exotic gay beaches, make up the gay life in Crete! Lively bars and gay hotspots can be found in the major cities of Crete; HeraklionRethymnoAgios Nikolaos, Malia & Chania.

Gay Travel Tips

Crete gay beaches spread all around the coastal area, with some of the most beautiful and 'fun' ones located close to Chania.
Near Agios Nikolaos city, you will find the beaches of Vai and Agia Fotia, which are the most popular gay friendly beaches of the area.
If you are seeking for discreet gay/nudist beaches in Crete, Akti Olountos, Peristeras and the beaches near Malia and Sarantari are some of the best options. Keep in mind that the nudist areas of Elafonissos beach and Vrahakia (in Agioi Apostoloi) are also visited by gay men.
If you want to go with your partner to a beach where it will be just you, the sun and the sea, you can discover isolated spots all around the island, even during the busiest days of the summer. Sfakia area is highly recommended for a romantic lesbian honeymoon also because of its naturist beach!

The Best Hotels & Beach Resorts for Gay Travellers in Crete

All around the island of Crete you will find gay-friendly beach resorts and amazing boutique hotels offering views over the sea and the mountains.
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The Top Places in Crete for Gay Travellers

Since Crete has not massive gay bars and clubs, the best places to meet gay locals and tourists are of course its spectacular beaches! See below the best gay beaches in Crete, as well as several gay hotspots that spread across the island.

Most popular Sightseeing in Crete

Apart from being famous for its gay beaches, Crete is also popular for its numerous sightseeing attractions! They are so many and scattered across the island, making it difficult to choose which ones to visit. Here is what you should not miss.

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