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Enchanting Bali - a top destination for gastronomy travellers in Indonesia

Bali is rising as an upcoming gastronomic destination in Indonesia with more and more tourists to visit the island to explore its local food traditions.

Your culinary experience in Bali extends beyond than just tasting traditional food on local restaurants; ranging from discovering street food options and markets, participating in food tours, and visiting producers, to devouring delicious Balinese food prepared by a personal Chef right on your luxury villa.

If you are a first-time food traveller in Bali, the best way to start exploring the island’s delicacies is by participating in a guided food tour where you will dive into the history and tastes of local dishes, and visit some of Bali’s best street eateries and exquisite restaurants.

However, if you prefer to discover Balinese food on your own, the street night markets of Bali will offer you a great dining and shopping experience. There you will find delicious local snacks, various desserts, and popular street food options, including babi guling, and bakso - a meatball soup – at very reasonable prices. 

In this Bali Food Guide, you will find the top guided tours, restaurants, and street markets to taste the best of Balinese cuisine as well as dining resorts and villas with private Chefs, offering both local and an extensive range of international cuisine.

The Best Dining Resorts and Villas in Bali

Set right on the beach, most of the resorts in Bali operate restaurants and bars on their premises, adding greatly to your overall holiday food experience.  While luxury villas with private Chefs create only for you authentic Balinese dishes, international flavours and desserts that will satisfy even the most discerning palates.

You will find whatever your heart desires at Ayodya Resort Bali, from exquisite Indonesian and Balinese dishes, Japanese cooking, home-cooked taste Italian cuisine, International menus, smoke & barbecue dishes and even intimate dining by the beach.

While at Samabe Bali Suites & Villas you will experience exceptional fine-dining services combined with breathtaking views of the sea. Choose among an extensive menu based on Western and Asian cuisines along with a good selection of wines and beverage and your personal butler will arrange one of your most romantic and intimate dinners.

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Bali - a foodie paradise if you know where to look!

Even though you may plan your trip to Bali with the sun and its exotic beaches in mind, this enchanting island is also a foodie paradise if you know where to look.

First-time travellers should not miss having a glance at Bali Food Safari’s guided tours. Its food tour packages are really attractive and at reasonable prices starting from 79 AUD. Be sure that you will expand your culinary horizons either by taking a local street food tour, dining at some of the best venues in Bali, or even taking a Bali Helicopter Safari! The latest could not but be one of our favourite high-end packages since it will take you to 3 remote destinations while a private Chef will prepare special delicacies only for you. 

However, if you are an independent foodie traveller, do not miss to visit Sanur Night Market, a great marketplace especially for budget travellers. The scents of smoking grills and frying woks are very vivid while the local food stalls serve some of the best street foods in Bali. Another popular food activity in Bali is taking a cooking class where you will learn to prepare Balinese dishes for your loved ones by the time you will arrive back home. Paon Bali Cooking Class is one of the best cooking classes in Bali.

Moreover,  your foodie experience in Bali cannot complete without tasting one of the Island’s most famous local dish, Babi Guling, else known as Balinese Suckling Pig. The meat is cooked with local spices and herbs and served on rice with stewed vegetables, pork sausage, fried pork meat, and crispy skin. You will find it in many local restaurants but Ibu Oka Warung in Ubud is one of the most popular spots for Suckling Pig in Bali, attracting both locals and food lovers from all over the world alike.

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