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Bali Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Bali for Gay Travellers

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Exotic Gay Holidays in Bali

Bali, the “Island of the Gods”, has an active gay community and is one of the most popular gay holiday destinations in the world! It is especially known as a natural paradise due to its stunning mountains, volcanoes, sacred temples, exotic beaches and rainforests! However, apart from beautiful natural places to relax in Bali, you will find also several gay hotspots to have fun and meet gay locals and tourists!

Gay Travel Tips

Batug Bali Beach & Double Six Beach are the two major gay beaches of Bali where you can sunbathe and swim among other hot Balinese guys as well as visitors, just like you!
Seminyak is definitely the place where you will find the majority of the gay venues of Bali! Gay Life in Seminyak lists several gay bars and cafes, a gay sauna, and a gay beach!
Homosexuality in Bali is not fully accepted due to Indonesia's religious nature. Same-sex sexual activity is legal, but there aren't any actual laws protecting the local gay community.
Since the locals of Bali still remain conservative, a discreet behavior when in public is recommended!
Lesbian tourists tend to visit Bali a lot for relaxing holidays! Bali has a splendid natural environment that even reading a book by the beach during sunset is more fascinating than you would think.
Many gay events & parties are being organized by the local gay clubs and bars of Bali annually but the most popular gay event on the island is surely Bali Pride Festival which takes place in June.
Some very popular gay bars and clubs in Bali include Bali Joe, Mixwell Bar, Facebar Bali, Blue Corner Bar & Cafe and KU DE TA Bali.
Some popular gay massage venues in Bali are Coco Grande Spa Seminyak, Adam's Apple Male Massage, M2 Spa, teMAN Spa, Minahasa Spa, Banana Spa, Elegantz Spa, and SEB Massage.
There are a few gay saunas in Bali as well as a wide range of excellent gay massage shops and spas exclusively for men. A happy ending is offered in almost all of them.

The Top Hotels & Beach Resorts for Gay Travellers in Bali

The hottest gay accommodation options in Bali are its spectacular gay-friendly hotels and resorts that feature among others suites with private swimming pool or Jacuzzi, restaurants with exceptional gourmet dishes, and advanced spa facilities!
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The Top Places in Bali for Gay Travellers

Bali features a vivid gay life and several gay venues that spread through the island. See below the top gay hotspots, including gay bars, clubs, and of course stunning gay beaches!

Most popular Sightseeing in Bali

Apart from exlusive gay hotspots, Bali is known for its sightseeing attractions and beautiful landscapes! See below the best places to visit with your friends or your partner, and discover the unique beauty of Bali!

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