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Sicily Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Sicily for Gay Travellers

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Gay Holidays in Sicily

The gay Acceptance in Sicily has still a long way to go. Even though there has been noticed a significant change on the attitude of the locals that last years, macho traditions and mentality are still prominent in the local society. However, there is an active gay scene mainly centered in Catania, Taormina, and to a lesser extent in Palermo.

Gay Travel Tips

Italy's first and largest national gay organization, Arcigay, is based in Bologna but has also branches in Catania and Palermo.
Taormina is one of the gay-friendliest towns in Sicily, welcoming gay people since long time ago. The locals are very friendly towards the LGBT community while the beautiful landscape of that town makes it the perfect getaway destination for gay couples and honeymooners. 
Catania is also one of the most gay-friendly cities in Sicily featuring several gay bars, and venues.
There is a gay beach in the north-western part of Sicily called “Gay Beach Balestrate” in Alcamo Marina. It is frequented by gay locals and travelers while you might see several nudist men.

The Best Hotels for Gay Travellers in Sicily

There are not any exclusively gay accommodations in Sicily, but there are several gay-friendly hotels and resorts that spread through the island. Alternatively, you can even book your own villa and enjoy luxury comforts and 100% privacy.

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The Top Places in Sicily for Gay Travellers

Find below the most popular gay hotspots in Sicily to meet gay locals and tourists! 

Most popular Sightseeing in Sicily

See below the best places to visit with your friends or your partner, and discover the hidden beauties of Sicily!

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