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Tuscany Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Tuscany for Gay Travellers

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Gay Travel in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany, being the area with probably the longest homosexual history on Earth, welcomes gay travellers since a long time ago. 
This beautiful Italian region with the endless vineyards is the place to renew your relationship and relax, being sure that no restrictions will prevent you from enjoying your stay to the fullest.

Gay Travel Tips

Many of the artists who lived and achieved great things in Tuscany were known to be gay. At that time, this gave the region a ‘bad’ reputation; today, it proves the natural gay friendly character of the whole area. 
You can find several gay friendly bars, clubs and restaurants, especially in the large cities of the region, like Florence. Popular gay bars in Tuscany are Piccolo Cafe, Crico Club and Fairy Gold.
For a romantic honeymoon with your partner consider staying in a gay friendly pension in Tuscany outlooking the spectacular landscape with the surrounding hills full with rocket pines.
There are a few gay beaches in the broader area, such as La Lecciona, Le Dune andSassoscrittobeaches. Elba’s beaches are also a very popular destination for Tuscany’s gay visitors.

The Best Hotels for Gay Travellers in Tuscany

Most of the hotels and resorts in Tuscany are gay-friendly featuring a cozy atmosphere and providing you with advanced facilities and amenities that will leave you more than satisfied.
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