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Alentejo Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Alentejo for Gay Travellers

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Gay Holidays in Alentejo

Alentejo is a region of south-central and southern Portugal and its main cities are Évora, Beja, Serpa, Estremoz, Elvas and Portalegre.

Since there is not any vivid active gay scene around Alentejo, its beautiful cities and villages are ideal getaways to unwind with your partner in nature, visit historical landmarks, and enjoy the best of Portuguese gastronomy and wine.

Enjoy the sun at a secluded cove by the sea or go for a long walk among olive trees and tall oaks.

Gay Travel Tips

Gay acceptance in Alentejo is at moderate levels since it is an enclosed community. However, the locals are generally very friendly so you will feel welcome and comfortable.
 A discreet behavior is always recommended by either homosexual or heterosexual couples.
The gay scene of Alentejo is underdeveloped, so you will not find exlusively gay bars, clubs and restaurants. 

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All around the region of Alentejo you will find gay-friendly hotels offering total privacy and seclusion as well as delicious cuisine and wine experiences.
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