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Chania Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Chania for Gay Travellers

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Gay Holidays in Chania

Chania, the second largest city of Crete and the capital of the Chania region, is known for its beautiful beaches with golden sand, its shopping markets, museums, tourist attractions, and entertainment options!

Even though the old town of Chania do not have the organised gay life that you would expect from a big city, it attracts many gay and lesbian visitors especially during the hot summer months.

Gay Travel Tips

Gay Acceptance in Chania is at moderate levels. Since Chania has an enclosed community, homosexuality still remains a taboo and the majority of the gay locals choose to keep their sexuality a secret. Thus, a discreet behaviour is always recommended, even if Crete has been widely popular for its outstanding hospitality!
There many gay-friendly venues that attract a mixed crowd, the majority of it being gay and lesbian. The most popular gay-friendly venues in Chania are Ababa Bar and 2 Lux Revolution!
Chania is located only 1 hour away from Rethymnon and two hours from Heraklion so they are both easily accessible.
Gay cruising in Chania is completely unorganised, featuring only one known gay venue for outdoor cruising. There is gay cruising going on around the public toilets of Agoras Square all day & night.
Grindr in Chania is very popular and the majority of the local gay community uses it for hooking ups and more. To a lesser extent, PlanetRomeo is popular as well!

The Best Hotels for Gay Travellers in Chania

In Chania you will find spectacular gay-friendly hotels and beach resorts that feature among others gourmet restaurants and advanced spa facilities!
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The Top Places in Chania for Gay Travellers

See the best places to relax with your partner, family, or friends, and enjoy the most out of your holidays in Chania, Crete!

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