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Lasithi Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Lasithi for Gay Travellers

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The level of LGBT acceptance in Lasithi is slightly higher than the other parts of Crete since there are several tourist-oriented destinations such as Elounda.
The gay scene of Lasithi is completely unorganised and there are not any exclusively gay venues in the region, except in the nearby city of Heraklion. However, the majority of the local businesses including restaurants, cafes, bars, and clubs, are gay-friendly and have a friendly and cosy atmosphere.
The beaches of Lasithi are gay-friendly and range from tourist-attractive ones, to totally secluded, featuring golden sand, clear waters, and excellent swimming conditions!
There are not any exclusively gay accommodation in Lasithi, however, there is a wide diversity of gay-friendly hotels and resorts in Lasithi with professional service that will make you feel comfortable. There is also a wide range of villas in Lasithi to stay if you want to enjoy more privacy and seclusion.

Most of the hotels and beach resorts in Lasithi are gay-friendly, ranging from budget to luxury accommodation options.

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