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Bangkok Wellness Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Bangkok for Wellness Travellers

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Relaxing Holidays in Bangkok

Only 2 words can describe relaxation in Bangkok, meditation, and massage! Being especially known for the Thai Massage, you can definitely enjoy it almost everywhere in Bangkok, from the streets of the capital to the best wellness hotels & resorts. Additionally, if you are looking to find your inner Zen, you can take meditation tours or even participate in meditation courses in one of the many Buddhist centers in Bangkok.

Wellness Travel Tips

You can take meditation tours or even participate in meditation courses in one of the many Buddhist centers in Bangkok.
The secret behind the original Thai Massage is that it is performed on the floor, lying on a floor mat or mattress. And as oil is not used, you do not need to be undressed.
You can enjoy a Thai massage practically everywhere, from the streets of the capital to the Spa centres of some of the best wellness hotels & resorts in the world!
Energizing retreats like full-body aromatic oil massage, salt peeling and luxury spa facilities like pools and steam baths with herbal infusions are some of the relaxing activities Bangkok offers.
Bangkok is among the best destination for relaxation and spa breaks. Can you think of anything more original than a Thai massage from a Thai therapist in Thailand?

The Best Hotels in Bangkok for Relaxing Holidays

In Bangkok you will find an impressive variety of accommodation options that offer spa treatments and advanced spa facilities.  For relaxing holidays and rejuvenation, you may choose to stay among some of the world’s best spa hotels with wellness center that are located either in the heart of downtown Bangkok or in the riverside area of the city centre.
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The Top Places for Relaxing Holidays in Bangkok

79BpH6hCj5.jpgBangkok is a city filled with several places to relax, spa centers, restaurants, and large shopping malls. Below you will find the best places to achieve total relaxation and make the best of your holidays in Bangkok!

Most popular Sightseeing in Bangkok

erSfrRLCQw.jpgWhen in Bangkok, keep in mind that there are many museums to visit and plenty of temples where you will be able to see where the monks are ordained. Below you will find the most popular tourist attractions.

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