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Cebu Island Wellness Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Cebu Island for Wellness Travellers

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Cebu Island, Philippines Travel 2018

Location: Cebu is a Philippine province consisting of a Cebu island and 167 surrounding islands and islets,  situated to the east of Negros, and to the west of Leyte and Bohol islands.

Best Time to Visit: During the dry season, between November and May. 

Where to Stay:
 Astonishing beach resorts and spa hotels with advanced wellness facilities and views to the sea will boost your holiday experience in Cebu even more!

Best Things to Do:
 Particularly popular for having some of the country's best marine sanctuaries and pristine beaches, Cebu Island is ideal for beach and adventurous holidays!

Wellness Travel Tips

One of the best activities to do in Cebu Island is diving and snorkelling where you will be able to explore amazing and colourfully coral gardens.
There are several activities you can do with your partner in Cebu island including hiking to Osmena peak, canoeing, exploring hidden waterfalls or you can even participate in an insect night tour!
Another popular activity in Cebu is Shark Diving! Join a guided diving tour and explore coral gardens with thousands colourful fish, turtles and the whale shark!
Do not miss to visit Kawasan Falls, located just 17km south of Moalboal, one of the best natural attraction in Cebu where you will be able to swim in three exotic waterfalls.
Moalboal is among the best areas in Cebu Island to enjoy diving, swimming, and sunbathing. It is especially popular for offering excellent recreational diving activities to tourists.
The reefs of Moalboal are home to a rich and diverse marine life and unique fish species offering a unique lifetime experience.

Finding your Best Hotel in Cebu Island

Being a popular destination for beach holidays, staying in an oceanfront hotel in Cebu is essential! Boutique hotels by the beach and luxury resorts with advanced wellness facilities and excellent dining options await to host your dream holidays in Cebu!
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Best Places to Have Fun in Cebu

Even though Cebu Island is mainly visited by beach lovers, apart from water activities and beach bars, you will also find many restaurants, spa centers, and shopping areas.  Find below the best places in Cebu Island to have fun and create memorable experiences!

What you should not miss if you are into sightseeing mood!

Stunning waterfalls, pristine beaches, and astonishing diving sites await to be discovered! Find below what you should not miss in Cebu if you are into adventurous mood!

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