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Phu Quoc Island Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Phu Quoc Island for Gay Travellers


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Hotels for Gay Travellers in Phu Quoc Island


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Gay Phu Quoc Travel Guide | The top Gay Honeymoon Island in Vietnam!

Gay Phu Quoc means only one thing and it's relaxation of course. Being in Vietnam, a country where homosexuality had always been accepted, Phu Quoc could not but be distinguished by its gay-friendly attitude.

That does not mean that Phu Quoc has an organized gay scene, though. Indeed, the gay scene of Phu Quoc is unorganized, which is not due to the conservatism of the destination, but more likely for the non-existent gay community

If you are searching for gay bars in Phu Quoc, then you will be slightly disappointed. There are not any exclusively gay bars around the Island, however, you will notice an increased gay-friendliness on the popular gay clubs and bars!

Since we are talking about an island, we could not but refer to the stunning beaches of Phu Quoc. Still, there are not any gay-only beaches on the island, however, you can visit a gay-friendly one, or even a secluded beach, if you are a couple!

Gay-Friendly Resorts & Hotels in Phu Quoc to Stay at your Gay Honeymoon!

There are not any gay-only hotels in Phu Quoc, however, it's packed with stunning resorts by the beach which are great accommodation option for your gay honeymoon!

Find the top resorts for gay travelers and check prices directly with your hotel!

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Best Phu Quoc Places for Gay Travelers!

Phu Quoc might not host any exclusively gay bars or clubs, however, you will find various beach clubs, stunning beaches, and cozy bars around the island!