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Santorini Food Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Santorini for Food Lovers

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Gastronomic and Wine Tasting Experiences in Santorini

The local cuisine of Santorini contains of all the traditional Greek delights, reinforced and enhanced by local recipes and products. There is no wonder why 2013 was declared as the ‘Year of Gastronomy’ for Santorini, with several gastronomy and cultural events taking place!

Food Travel Tips

The most high-end restaurants are found in Oia, while Fira and Imerovigli feature also a selection of great places to eat. For lower prices but still excellent food, visit the smaller villages.
Some of the most searched for restaurants in Santorini include Nikolas Restaurant, 1800 Restaurant, Sunset Ammoudi Tavern, Fanari Restaurant and Pyrgos Restaurant.
White eggplants, a distinctive local product of Santorini, can be enjoyed on their own or in a local ‘moussaka’ dish, accompanied by potatoes & zucchini.
A delicious local Santorinian fish dish is “brantada” - cod fillet coated in a mixture of flour, water, salt and sometimes beer, normally served with garlic salad.
A Wine Tasting tour during your holidays to Santorini is definitely a must-do. Some of the best local wine varieties are “Assyrtiko”, “Athiri”, “Aidani”, “Mantilaria” and “Mavrotragano”.

The Best Hotels with Restaurants in Santorini

Boasting dramatic caldera views, hotels with restaurants in Santorini offer traditional local dishes as well as creative gourmet cuisine, mixing Greek, International and Fusion elements. 
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The Top Places in Santorini for Foodies

Find the best places to taste the best of local cuisine during your culinary journey in Santorini.

Most popular Sightseeing in Santorini

In Santorini you will not only taste the best of local cuisine but also you will catch a glimpse of Santorini's tourist attractions! Below you will find what you should not miss if you are into sightseeing mood!

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