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Luxury holidays in Santorini - The Grand Lady of the Cyclades

Worldwide famous for its astonishing sunsets, luxurious boutique hotels with impressive cave suites, and volcanic beaches with a unique formation, the Grand Lady of the Cyclades, Santorini is among the favourite islands for luxury travellers, honeymooners and leisure travellers.

As thus, this magnificent island could not but be also a popular destination for divine weddings as the steep cliffs come in contrast with the deep blue of the Aegean Sea and the white-washed cave-like houses, creating the perfect setting for your romantic photoshooting.

Hotels with heated pools along with the healing rays of the Greek hot sun, exceptional dining restaurants with caldera views, unique wine tasting experiences, and jewellery shopping on the narrows streets of Chora, make your luxury holidays in Santorini go far beyond the ordinary!

In this Santorini Luxury Guide, you will find the best luxury boutique hotels and cave suites to stay in Santorini, and the top places to have delicious dinners, shopping experiences, and luxurious explorations around the island.

The best Luxury Boutique Hotels with cave suites in Santorini

Forget about the luxury resorts in Santorini and start to imagine staying either in a private villa or in an all-white suite with comfortable King-size beds, spacious outdoor areas with grand views to the sea, and of course, heated infinity pools!

All around the island, and especially in Santorini’s Chora – Fira-, OiaPyrgos, and Imerovigli, you will find amazing luxury boutique hotels with small and spacious suites highlighted by private jacuzzi built above the cliffs!

Most of the luxury hotels in Santorini are known for their fine-dining restaurants, exceptional concierge service before and during your stay, luxurious comfort and minimalistic design along with high-quality amenities.

Art Hotel Santorini – A luxury hotel colored in red perfect for art lovers! Each season a different artist is invited to present his work, while many artworks are displayed permanently around the hotel and within each suite.

Astra Suites – Not only offers you the luxury and peace you deserve but also arranges gourmet dinners only for you at the privacy of your own terrace! 

Above Blue Suites – We love its romantic packages! It includes a bottle of sparkling wine on arrival, rose petals and candlelight suite decoration, satin bed sheets, bathrobes, and 1 "Find Love Inside" naughty box. What else for a perfect romantic night?

Pina Caldera Residence – Its locations and facilities are truly unsurpassed! Set within pine trees along with stunning views of the caldera from the outdoor caved pools, a holistic and luxurious vacation experience is to be fulfilled.

Windmill Villas – Perfect for luxury travellers who seek for a total unique staying experience! This formerly windmill has turned into a luxury and cosy retreat!

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The Top Places in Santorini for Luxury Travellers

Santorini has numerous shops and art galleries while sailing is the best way to admire island's stunning beauty.

Shopping – The cosmopolitan ambience of Santorini could not but offer a plethora of shopping options! Especially on the narrow paths of Santorini’s Chora – Fira -  and on the village of Oia you will find anything your heart desires from clothing apparel to shoes, jewellery, local delicacies and books.

With the message every piece of jewellery has a story to tell, by visiting the jewellery shop of Ilias Lalaounis in Fira, you will find exquisite pieces of jewellery with influences from the Byzantine era, the Neolithic age, and even Mycenaean art.

And what’s better than completing your shopping experience in Santorini with a stop at one of the many terraces offering refreshing cocktails and light bites combined with a splendid view over the blue sea? View our Santorini Gastronomy Guide with the best fine-dining restaurants, lounge-bars, and wineries in Santorini.

Art Galleries – In the heart of Santorini Chora and in the village of Oia you will find picturesque establishments showcasing collections of some of the most significant contemporary Greek and international artists. AK Art Gallery is the oldest art gallery in Santorini showcasing original paintings of Santorini’s landscapes as well as sculptures in bronze, ceramic and gold.

Explorations – The best way to admire the Santorinian beauty is by sailing along the deep blue waters of the island! Get on board of a catamaran and explore the volcanic beaches, the dramatic beauty of Caldera’s cliffs, and of course “Nea Kameni”, Santorini’s imposing volcano! One of the best catamaran tours to explore Santorini's beauties is Santorini Sailing offering several private tours around the island.

See our collection with the best places to do your shopping, taste delicious food, and luxurious activities that will upgrade your luxury holidays in Santorini even more!