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Nafplio Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Nafplio for Gay travellers


Gay Getaways in Nafplio, Greece

Nafplio, one of the most picturesque and romantic towns in the Peloponnese, is a popular weekend getaway for gay Athenians as well as a major Greek tourist destination that is visited all year around. 

It is an alluring destination, well known for its Venetian narrow alleyways and streets decorated with colourful flowers, beautiful scenery and dazzling sunsets. The neoclassical and well preserved mansions and Turkish fountains create a special vibe in this town ideal for romantic travellers looking for the perfect date.

Greece is popular for having beautiful beaches and Nafplio has many of them too, considering the ideal location of this town. The gay community usually prefers beaches like Michanikou and Karathona but do not limit yourself and ask locals for advices of more secluded ones. 

Nafplio doesn't have any exclusively gay venue but the center square is packed with beautiful little cafeterias and bars with welcoming atmosphere. The locals will treat you with respect as long as you keep discreet and don't exceed the limits of appropriate behaviour. Enjoy a romantic date with your partner and forget about your worries in this idyllic location.

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The best Hotels for Gay Travellers in Naflpio

In Nafplio and surroundings, you will find gay-friendly hotels with comfortable facilities and beautiful views to the nature.

The Best Beaches and other Hotspots for Gay Travellers in Nafplio!

Since Nafplio is a coastal town, it is located close to beautiful beaches! There is not known any exclusively gay beach near Nafplio however most of them attract gay swimmers!

Below you will find the top places to visit in Nafplio.

Featured Hotel Collections in Nafplio

Gay Tips

Nafplio is not a destination with vibrant gay and lesbian life, but since it is a popular weekend getaway for Athenians and international travellers that explore Peloponnese, you can always sense the gay friendly attitude by locals.

Nafplio’s neoclassic, Venetian and Frankish buildings, quaint squares and cobbled picturesque streets justify why it is believed to be mone of the most romantic places in Greece. Explore its every corner with your partner!

You will not find any gay-only accommodation options, however you will find gay-friendly hotels in Nafplio that are normally more secluded and attract many gay & lesbian couples.

Nafplio is nearby a wide range of marvelous beaches, the majority of which have a gay-friendly attitude. However, the beaches Michanikou Beach and Karathona Beach, are the ones which are attracting the majority of the gay visitors and locals.

Enjoy a romantic dining experience at the little seafood taverns overlooking the islet where Bourtzi castle is located. End your night enjoying an intoxicating glass of local wine at the laid-back open air night bars in the centre of Nafplio's medieval town.

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