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Venice Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Venice for Gay Travellers

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Gay Travel in Venice, Italy

Popular for its stunning Grand Canal, the Saint Mark's Basilica, and its delicious food options, Venice is among the must-visit destinations in Italy for gay couples in love, art aficionados, and food lovers!

Gay Travel Tips

Venice, a city of 1187 small islands linked by more than 400 footbridges, is a gay-friendly destination and gay travelers need not worry when traveling here.
The exclusively gay bars and venues in Venice are limited, however, most of the bars, clubs, restaurants, and hotels are gay-friendly.
If you are looking for gay nightlife, you may head to the nearby cities Padua or Padova, known for featuring gay bars, cruising clubs, and saunas.

The Best Hotels for Gay Travellers in Venice

In every corner of Venice you will find romantic gay-friendly hotels across the canals or even close to central districts of San Marco and Cannaregio.
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Gay Hotspots in Venice

Most of the bars and restaurants in Venice overlook the canals and are known for their gay-friendly attitude. Find below the best places for gay travellers in Venice.

Most popular Sightseeing in Venice

This charming Italian floating city is well-known for its numerous sightseeing attractions! Find below the best places to snap a photo in Venice and don't miss to take a gondola tour.

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