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Protaras Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Protaras for Gay travellers


Gay Holidays in Protaras, Cyprus

Like all over Cyprus, Gay life in Protaras is not that developed. The area has some of the best beaches in Cyprus, which are really crowded from April to November, giving the opportunity to locals and tourists to enjoy the warm sun and the extended Summer of Cyprus. The island is gay-friendly and the resorts cater to all people, as long as they're paying customers! The destination is much better for couples and families rather than single gays due to the fact that these resorts cater to family and couple activities, and there is very little nightlife on the island. The gay locals are friendly, but few people live on the island, it's mostly a tourist resort hotspot. The best period to visit would be the late summer months from July to September to have a warm and beautiful holiday. For exclusive accommodations in Protaras you can check out our Hotel Collections.

The Best Gay- Friendly Hotels and Resorts in Protaras

Protaras is a very small island and doesn't have any gay-only hotels or resorts, but as mentioned before, the hotels and resorts are all gay-friendly. Find below the best gay-friendly hotels and beach resorts in Protaras!

The Best Gay- Friendly Places to visit in Protaras

Because the island of Protaras is so small, you have to create your own gay adventure with your hubby or family on the beautiful island. Though honestly, gay people like to see the same landmarks as straight people, there are tons of things that everyone can do, and we'd like to highlight some of our favourites! The Church of St. Elias is a church on top of a hill with a stunning view of the sea and town below. Fig tree Bay is the main beach on Protaras, with soft white sand and clear waters. There is also a small island that's 50m off the shore that you can explore between Protaras and the ocean. Cape Greco is a natural park and a beautiufl spot for movie-like scenery. There are trails in the area that take you to breathtaking viewpoints for the perfect Instagram photo of nature, rock formations, and clear ocean. Sinera Bay is a hidden beach with a thin plot of sand and piles of vegetation, though the serene landscape make it perfect for those looking for a quiet and private swimming spot. For those who really want to party, Ayia Napa is a party town nearby with tens of bars and nightclubs beating all throughout the summer. The Ayia Napa Monastery is the other side of the leaf in the town, the religious and serene part of what most people see as a party town. Nissi Beach is Ayia Napa's busiest beach, a party beach during the warm summer nights. You can also cliff dive in this location! Konnos Bay is another beach that is simply fabulous, due to its shelter from the wind and sea by headlands. A fun summer activity is the Parko Paliatso Luna Park, an amusement park with a catapult ride and a beautiful Ferris wheel. For an interesting untypical adventure, visit Moonshine Ranch on the edge of Protaras for horseback riding lessons and hires. 

Book a hotel in Protaras now to have the time of your life at the amazing destination!

Gay Tips

Gay Acceptance in Cyprus is at moderate levels, and the locals are still kinda conservative.

Even though there are not any exclusively gay or lesbian venues, you will feel quite relaxed and comfortable going out in the area, since the numerous clubs, bars and restaurants are very fun and open minded.

If you are into gay nightlife, however, you may choose to visit the massive gay club ‘Secrets’, which is located in the city of Larnaca, just 40' drive from Protaras.

For swimming in the most popular gay beaches, you may want to consider a day trip to Limassol, where you will meet many gays - locals and tourists.

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