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Koufonisia Gay Guide

A guide to help you find the best hotels & places in Koufonisia for Gay travellers


Gay Guide for Koufonisia | Everything you need to know about the gay-friendly atmosphere in Koufonisia!

Koufonisia is a collaboration of 3 small islands, Upper Koufonisia, Lower Koufonisia and Keros. All three islands are heaven-like and exotic but only the Upper Koufonisi is inhabited while the other two are endowed with beautiful secluded beaches and unspoiled nature.

As it is expected, the gay scene there is totally unorganised and the only place for you and your partner to enjoy yourselves are the secluded beaches. But do not be disappointed as these exotic beaches with sandy shores are more than anyone can ask.

In Upper Koufonisi, beaches like Finikas, Italida, Pori and of course Gala are the ''hidden'' treasures of Koufonisia and the whole Greece. Magnificent coastlines ideal for an escape from the usual everyday routine. 

These three islands are excellent for island hopping. Everything is within walking distance and the islands are situated in a way that a boat ride can reach all three and satisfy any explorer. Be prepared by renting a camping equipment and station at some of the many secluded shores to appreciate the beautiful starry sky.

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Gay Tips

Koufonisia is an alternative destination particularly popular for its natural beauty, peaceful beaches and lack of traffic. The LGBT Acceptance is at pretty high levels, similar to any other small Greek island, however, a discreet behavior is recommended.

The gay scene of Koufonisia is completely unorganised and there are not any exclusively gay bars, gay cafes, or other gay venues. However, the bars and restaurants of Koufonisia have a gay-friendly attitude. Some popular bars in Koufonisia are Sorokos Bar, Cafe Scholio, Mylos Cafe-Bar, and Koufochorio Cocktail Bar.

Koufonisia is mainly visited by families, groups of friends, couples, and nature lovers. There might not many gay families visiting Koufonisia, however, you will be able to find several gay couples and groups of friends.

There are not any exclusively gay beaches in Koufonisia, however, all the beaches of the island are gay-friendly, while the majority of them provide you total privacy and seclusion. The beaches of Koufonisia are Pori Beach, Finikas Beach, Fanos Beach, Nero Beach, Platia Pounda, Megali Ammos, Caves before Pori, and Gala Beach.

Travel Info

How to get there

  • By air
  • By ferry

Move around

  • Buses
  • Taxi

Ideal for

  • Beach holidays
  • Relaxation in nature
  • Local gastronomy
  • Snorkelling & scuba diving

Destination Type

  • Geographical area

Average weather

  • December
  • February
  • January
  • March
  • May
  • April
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  1. December

  2. February

  3. January

  4. March

  5. May

  6. April

  7. June

  8. July

  9. August

  10. September

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  12. November

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Our Travel by Interest Experts have created this dedicated gay travel guide, to help you easily plan your next gay holidays and discover all the places you want to see and all the things you want to do. You can find here the top gay bars, gay events, and other gay hots-pots, as well as gay-friendly Hotels to stay!

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