Greece features one of the richest, healthiest and most delicious breakfasts in the world. In addition to the traditional Greek breakfast recipes, which are numerous and diverse, the Greeks were not afraid to include in their morning routine recipes and dishes that come from other countries, with some small changes, in order to be more compatible with the Greek culinary culture.

The Greek breakfast depends mainly on Mediterranean products, so it's naturally very healthy and packed with energy. Some essential ingredients of the Greek breakfast are: bread and pastries, cheese, traditional yogurt, butter, milk, cold cuts and meat, honey, tahini, local marmalades, olive oil and olives, eggs, traditional pies, local sweets, fresh fruits, cereals, herbal drinks, and coffee.

Since Greek breakfast is vast and diverse, it's only natural for each region in Greece to develop its own breakfast tradition, always depending on the geographical characteristics and local produce. Let's discover some unique breakfast from all over Greece:

Cretan Breakfast

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Photo Credits: Sensimar Royal Blue Resort & Spa

Once again, the Cretan food tradition differs from the usual and brings us a healthy and delicious breakfast with high nutritional value and energy to start our day. After all, It's no wonder why the Cretans have the highest life expectancy rates in the whole country. Some distinguished delicacies of the Cretan Breakfast are: rusks, moustoukouloura, graviera with honey, sygklino, apaki, traditional myzithra pie, xerotigana, bourekia, lychnarakia, xynomizithra, fried eggs with staka, and the fried green pie.

Thessaly Breakfast

Photo Credits: Eos Traditional Guesthouse

Thessaly is a land of great produce, exporting a wide diversity of products across Greece including milk, butter, cheese, bread, olive oil, fruits, vegetables and more. Some distinguished ingredients used in the regional breakfast are: Olive bread, Elassona's cheese, Kaseri (yellow cheese), galotyri, local butter, grilled sausages of Trikala, thyme honey, local marmalades made by the local women, french toast, chicken pie, halvas from Farsala, milk pie, rice pudding, and frumenty.

Breakfast in the Cyclades

Photo Credits: Liostasi Hotel & Suites

The Cycladic Islands are widely popular for their stunning beaches and  picturesque towns, but who would expect that they would feature such an impressive breakfast tradition as well? The Cycladic breakfast includes traditional bread sticks, Mykonos' kopanisti cheese sauce, graviera of Naxos, manoura from Sifnos, louza from Mykonos, Jambon from Naxos, a traditional froutalia from Andros, loukoumia, sesame bars, almond sweets, Tinos' and Santorini's melitinia, herbal teas, and all kinds of soups.