Christmas in La Gomera, and the Canary Islands, is mainly about taking long strolls by the beach, basking on the warm sun, and enjoying thrilling activities in the outdoors. With an average sea temperature of 20 Celsius, taking short dips at the island's crystal-clear water beaches is popular . Naturally, rainfalls are slightly more frequent than in the summer, but they are totally bearable.

So, what's La Gomera all about? Well, Christmas in La Gomera is not flashy at all, and this is why it's so charming. Of course, that doesn't mean that there are not any decoration at all. Actually, you will find poinsettias planted everywhere and Christmas lights decorating all streets - so, the Christmas spirit is prominent in every corner of the island.

But, first things first, before heading out to explore what makes Christmas in La Gomera so special, we have to find a place to stay - a hotel that cherishes Christmas like everyone should do so.

Hotel Jardin Tecina: The Best Hotel to celebrate Christmas in La Gomera

Hotel Jardin Tecina has been prepared thoroughly for the Christmas season, having arranged a series of wonderful activities that take place from Monday, 23rd December 2019 to the 6th of January 2020. The activities include from sports and games, to delicious buffet dinners, Christmas preparations, piano evenings, while every day is devoted to a unique topic. Starting from the day of colors which takes place on the 23rd of Monday, and concluding on the 6th of January with the Three Kings Day.

But, let's discover Hotel Jardin Tecina a little bit more. Hotel Jardin Tecina is a seafront hotel located in the tranquil yet stunning Playa Santiago. It's luxurious with a great quantity of amenities and advanced facilities that help your stay cycle seamlessly. Its pride and joy is its 70,000 sqm. of botanical gardens, where you can easily get lost. To top all of it, Hotel Jardin Tecina offers a 15% discount to the bookings made up to the 17th of December, so it simply makes it too difficult to resist.

So, now that we have picked the best hotel for Christmas Holidays in La Gomera, let's discover what makes this island so unique and a great option for Christmas Holidays.

Peaceful & Relaxing: Just like how every Christmas should 

La Gomera is one of those "lucky" destinations which are not overwhelmed by the Christmas excitement. It has a festive atmosphere but, at the same time, it remains peaceful and relaxing. So, it's the perfect Christmas getaway if you are not into the flashy lifestyle. Of course, the island is fully decorated, especially its capital, San Sebastian de La Gomera.

Sunny Christmas on a Beach? That's something new

Escaping the ordinary, Christmas in La Gomera comes with a hot weather. Forget snow and extremely low temperatures, the temperatures of La Gomera in December range from 12 to 17 Celsius. Those with a thick skin might also find a dive at La Gomera's crystal-clear waters refreshing, as the avg. sea water temperature is 20 Celsius. So, Santa Claus this year will come with a jet ski for you.

Activities for everyone: it's impossible to get bored

There are tons of activities in La Gomera, especially if you are staying at Hotel Jardin Tecina (check out their full program of activities here). However, La Gomera is bestly known as the ideal island for walking. You can walk for three days straight and you will still have places to explore on this beautiful island.