Planning a Gay Adventure with your besties, other half or even alone? We present your Fulpmes, the ultimate gay adventure destination of 2019/2020. Fulpmes is the last stop of the Stubaital Railway, which runs for a long time starting from Innsbruck. The village is located on the side of the valley that is always sunny while it used to be mined for iron, gold, and silver. It is next to the Stubai Alps, a nature and mountain paradise for those looking for a couple or group getaway.

Depending on when you visit, you are going to receive a completely different experience ~ though always incredible. You can visit in the summer to experience sunny vacations in a mountain range immersed in green, or in the winter (just like it's use do) to enjoy the most fun and snowy vacations of your life. Regarding the gay-friendly attitude of Fulpmes, you will find that locals are very friendly and open-minded.

Of course, never forget that you are in a rural area, so the locals are not familiar with modern lifestyles, but you will feel welcome all through your holidays. You are in Austria, after all, one of the most liberal countries in the world. So, let's quickly find how you can spend your gay adventure in Fulpmes in Winter & Summer.

A Gay-Friendly Hotel to Stay during your Fulmpes Gay Adventure!

Before exploring the Fulmpes Eperience, we think that you have to find a place to stay first. And, rest assure, cause we have picked the best hotel for you. After research and intense evaluation, we came to the conclusion that Alpenhotel Tirolerhof is the best hotel to host your gay adventure. Why?

It all starts from the hotel's attitude. The hotel is known for its friendly atmosphere and professional service that respects your privacy while always available to fulfil your requests. Wanna try traditional cuisine and don't know where? Just ask the hotel. Wanna visit a popular attraction & you need directions? Just ask the hotel. They will be there to assis you 24/7.

Then come its impressive rooms and apartments whose gorgeous design featuring wooden furniture and a combination of traditional and modern architecture, make them the perfect accommodation option for all art aficionados. All rooms come with beautiful balconies to bask on the Fulpmes View, and Free Wi-Fi to update your Instagam Account.

Summer Activities

In the summer, the Stubai Alps are perfect for cycling and hiking, touring around the mountain. There is a beautiful panoramic hiking trail that takes you to a platform with a breathtaking view from the Alps to Innsbruck. The nature trail will teach you about the trees and plants in the area.

Other summer activities include tandem bikes and hang-gliding from the Kreuzjoch, though that can get a little crazy. Try these activities with others and have the time of your life experiencing the picturesque views. One of our favourite views is the lake at the Waxeck, with mountain streams and camp-beds, serving as an oasis of relaxation in fairytale mountain scenery at the "Schlick 2000" hiking area.

These activities are perfect for active gay couples looking to get away from the city life to reconnect with each other in beautiful natural surroundings. What could possibly bring two gays closer together than a romantic view from the clouds? The altitude of the mountains will literally take your breath away to make you fall in love all over again.

Amazing Facilities that will further upgrade your Gay Adventure in Fulpmes!

Of course, we do not recommend   Alpenhotel Tirolerhof just for its friendly attitude, but its amazing facilities and services as well. This hotel will make the foodie inside you faint from excitement with its delicious in sight and flavor dishes. Firstly, you will be drooling over this hotel's delicious buffet breakfast served from 7:30 to 10:00 as it's the perfect start for an action-packed day in Fulpmes. The hotel's restaurant gives you the option to dine without cutlery but you can also try fondue and other traditional dishes. Lastly, you can't visit this place and not try the weekly cutlery-free evening. You are gonna lick you fingers.

After a day of activities, we highly urge to visit the hotel's amazing spa. The organic herbs sauna, aroma crystal steam bath, Kneipp, and Ice Fountain are only a few of the facilities of the hotel's spa. Of course, the best way to tie those knots is with a special massage. You will find plenty of massages, but we highly recommend you the wellness treatment special, including a back massage, healing magnetism, breathing massage and happiness cream. Of course, after a massage go for the beauty pool that will allow you to further relax in a pool with essential oils.

Winter Activities

Winter in the Stubai Alps is a sight to see. The Kreuzjochbahn funicular can take you to Schlick 2000, a skiing area with 23.5km of ski runs, a toboggan run, and a high-altitude ski trail. There's also a shuttle service that takes you to three other skiing areas, the Stubai Glacier, Serlesbahnen Mieders, and Elferbahnen.

Aside from skiing, there are cultural attractions. The St. Vitus parish church of Fulpmes and the "Kranerhaus" at the church square are must-sees while you're there. A ski trip filled with culture is the perfect way to spend time with the gays you care about and what to spend time with.

After a chilly day exploring or sporting, you'll get a chance to head back to your accommodation to snuggle and warm up next to your boo. Imagine returning from a thrilling day full of sick ski trails to a cup of hot cocoa with your partner and cuddling afterwards. It's simply the perfect way to connect with your partner on a deeper level and share true intimacy.