Bangkok, officially named Krung Thep Maha Nakhon, is the capital of Thailand and the city with the most inhabitants in the country. It also owns one of richest and most varied gastronomy in the Southern Asia and when visiting you surely need to try the most popular tastes. For this reason, Bangkok is considered to be a street food paradise, making it easy for visitors to try an infinite number or traditional dishes, all day long. In this article we will discover the best street food breakfasts found in the city of Bangkok.

1. Joke

Joke is a traditional dish closely related to Thai breakfast as it is daily consumed by locals. It is a type of Chinese congee, boiled rice which has become a thick porridge similar to the European breakfast bowl of cereal and milk. It is served hot, often with an egg cracked on top, chopped pieces of minced pork or meatballs, slices of liver, and garnished with herbs, salt and pepper, ginger and/or cilantro. 

2. Tom Luad Moo

Photo: Amara Bangkok Hotel

This boiled pork blood soup is a favorite breakfast for many people and it is a dish you should order if you want to eat like a local. Full of protein and healthy ingredients, this traditional soup is the perfect breakfast after a night of binge drinking. It contains vegetables such as lettuce, fried garlic and spring onions along with minced meat, usually pork which is boiled with pork blood. It is so popular, that most street stalls are sold out at around 11am and closed for the rest of the day!

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3. Khao Mun Gai

Photo Credit: Kawin Harasai

From Khao = rice and Mun = fat, this dish is a Chinese-style poached chicken rice either steamed or boiled and greased with chicken fat, and it’s a classic Thai street food dish. It is considered to be one of the most "high end" street vendor meals because it's not easy to make, and requires a more upgraded cart and special tools. 

4. Khanom Buang

Photo Credit: Evan Krause

Khanom Buang is a sweet snack found all over Bangkok. Close to the Western style these thin crispy folded crepes are filled with sweet or savory coconut shreds. They are cooked on a griddle, a big flat iron heated plate and served hot. 

5. Khaoniew Moo Ping

Photo: Anantara Siam Bangkok

A fast on-the-go meal suited to your busy life. Khaoniew Moo Ping is one of the most favored breakfast Thai dishes for the locals since the expansion of street food. Grilled pork with a bowl of steamed rice marinated with a traditional sweet sauce is just the perfect combination to start your day off as it is full of proteins and carbohydrates, giving you an energy boost. Khaoniew Moo Ping is found in every food stall and like most street style food, it doesn’t require you to sit and eat. You can enjoy it while on your way!

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6. Kanom krok

This sweet Thai dessert is a common street snack and it's always prepared in a cast iron kanom krok pan by vendors. It is a very old recipe, prepared by mixing rice flour, sugar, and coconut milk to form a dough. It is also very popular in other Asian countries such as Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos and Indonesia. They seem like mini pancakes and their flavor and filling can differ depending on the recipe and the chef.

7. Kai Jeow

Photo Credit: Eaters Collective

Kai Jeow is actually a type of Thai-style omelet. The ingredients needed to make this omelet are simple and it is also an inexpensive choice for a complete morning meal. The difference from a Western style omelet is that instead of folding it over, this fluffy omelet is served open-faced usually on top of steamed rice. It can be accompanied with Thai chili sauce or dark sweet Thai soy sauce.

8. Khao Tom

Photo: Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit

Quite similar to Joke, Khao Tom is a breakfast rice soup often on the top of the popularity list of the most favorite street food meals. Khao Tom is a combination of boiled rice and a mixture of meat of your choice. Locals often prefer it with a mix of seafood or fish meat, and vegetables like Chinese celery. Locals also choose to eat Khao Tom in many other occasions such as an early-morning meal to cure a hangover or a stomachache. 

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