If Sydney still isn’t on your bucket list of must-see cities, hopefully this article will make you pencil it in. Once you decide you’re going, you’ll need an itinerary that will help you make sure that you are seeing everything there is to see and are not missing out on any of the fun. Keep in mind that this will cover spending time in Sydney when there isn’t a specific event happening, like the Vivid Sydney festival or a similar activity. If you want to attend an event like that, be careful when you book and leave some time to commit to that.

Day 1: Sightseeing

Of course day one is sightseeing, and in Sydney, this is the one thing you don’t want to skip. Not just because you’d miss out on some things, but because going sightseeing on the first day will lessen the chances of you getting lost and it’s an opportunity for you to discover things that you might want to devote more time to another day. There are plenty of walking, biking and bus tours that you can take to guide you through the Central Business District and the rest of Sydney, but you can also take a map and wander around by yourself.

Day 2: Beach day

Sydney and its surroundings really have some stunning beaches, and it’s not something you’ll want to miss. Depending on what time of the year you’re visiting, you might have a chance to swim or surf, but even if it’s too cold for that, you can still enjoy your time. Have a picnic or find a beachside restaurant you like and spend the day relaxing. This is the time to bring a good book or a ball to play with the kids. 

Day 3: Suburb oasis

You will not want to miss visiting the Botanica in Vaucluse. Imagine the perfect blend of organic farming, spa relaxation and amazing fresh food that you can taste. Walk around the farm and get lost in the amazing gardens, then eat the food that you’ve just seen picked. At the end of the day, visit the on-site spa and feel like you truly are on a relaxing vacation.

Day 4: Museums

Depending on what your preferences are, you’ll want to visit different museums scattered around the city. The Australian National Maritime Museum is perfect for water lovers, while something like the Hyde Park Barracks Museum will give you a taste of Sydney’s diverse history. Of course, the Museum of Sydney should be on your list, but check ahead which exhibitions they have at the time you’re there to see if there’ something that might interest you. If you’re with kids (or just feel like one at heart), visit the Art of Dr. Seuss Gallery. In the evening, you want to visit Sydney’s pride: the Sydney Opera House. You might want to book your tickets well in advance because they are usually sold out and you don’t want to miss a spectacle in that building – no matter what it is.

Day 5: Hike

Are you ready to feel in touch with nature again? Good, because we’re going on a hike. Sydney is surrounded by amazing nature and taking a stroll through the forest will make you feel alive again. Our recommendation is the Royal National Park which has a little bit of everything. Spend your time walking through a lush rainforest, bring a bathing suit and relax on the beach, and finish it off by renting a kayak and floating down the river.

Day 6: Shopping

Don’t leave shopping for the last day. If you want to go to a mall, we recommend the Westfield or the Harbourside Shopping Center. More importantly, all the little craft shops you’ve seen scattered around – you’ve been writing those down, right?

Day 7: Time on the water

Seeing Sydney from the water is a completely unique experience. For the last day, find a boat that will gently take you around the harbor and where you will be able to enjoy some quality time with whomever you’re traveling with, sharing the impressions of the past few days.

Of course, you want to spend your evenings doing pub crawls, partying or enjoying romantic walks in the harbor. The nightlife is yours for the taking and it will certainly be nights you’ll never forget.