There are many ways in which you can define fitness and wellness. For some people, a gym membership is more than enough, whereas others prefer the great outdoors. But when we travel, the last thing we usually think about is hitting the gym and keeping fit! But what if we could combine our love of exploring new destinations, with staying fit?

Here are some basic things, anyone of us can do, in order to take care of our body, while traveling.

Plan your meals

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We don’t expect you to start planning your meals day by day, counting calories because that will take all the fun out of your trip. Instead, what you should do is eat properly, by taking all the important nutrition from your food, avoiding constant overeating that results in crashing your diet. It is easy to find foods and dishes consisting of proteins, vegetables, fruits or potatoes, everywhere on the planet. 

Tip: You can also pack some protein snack bars with you, for when you need them. And never forget about breakfast! Always start your day, with your stomach full, because that is what will keep you strong, through the day.

Pack Equipment

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Dumbbells, are for sure, not the most suitable athletic equipment you can bring with you on a trip. But other than that, think of anything else, lighter to carry in your suitcase.  Jump ropes, a TRX rope, resistance bands, and hand towels are a great alternative.

Tip: using a heart rate monitor, such as a fitness watch, chest straps or a fitness tracker, will help you optimize your exercise and track your progress

Pack the Correct Apparel

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Are your shoes suitable for working out? Before you star traveling, remember to include in your suitcase, clothes fit for athletic activities and not just your normal T-shirts, for a day on the beach. 

Tip: if your gym trainers take too much space, you can buy a pair when you arrive. They just need to be simple and well-protected, good enough for walking, running or keeping you comfortable.

Wake Up Early

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It really important to start your day early in the morning, so you can have plenty of time to take care of your body by doing some indoor exercises, and eat a full morning meal. It might sound tiring at first, but the truth is that it will make you more energetic and motivated throughout your day.

Tip: a small cup of coffee in the morning will give you a little energy boost!

Walk Around

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We can all agree that the best way to explore a destination is by walking around. Grab your map or GPS, and mark all the possible nearby locations such as parks, beaches, market places, landmarks and other city spots. 

Tip: You can also set a personal goal on your fitness tracker so to keep a record of your daily activity.

Use the Hotel’s facilities


Choose a hotel that has a gym or offers outdoor activities. So in case the weather conditions doesn’t allow a walk or run on the beach, you can rely on the hotel’s facilities for your workout

Tip: try to follow the hotel's hygiene rules, and bring clean towels and proper workout clothes with you. In most hotels, towels are provided for free!

Take the Stairs

We know that stair climbing requires a lot of effort as it can drain all your energy, but at the same time, is an effective workout for both cardio and strength and can be done almost everywhere. 

Tip: try taking the stairs to go to your hotel room, or see the view from the city’s tallest building!

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Hike with Friends

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Plan a hiking trip along with some friends and have the time of your life! Hiking can be a great way of strength and cardio training, because it combines natural beauty and fresh air with exercising. 

Tip: Don’t forget to take the proper equipment and wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You can also pack a tent, and spend a night camping in the woods!

Spend Time in the Water

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During summer months, the choices of keeping fit when traveling are higher, because of the water. If your destination is close to the beach, lake or even a local swimming pool, then take advantage of it and plan your workout accordingly. 

Tip: Swimming and in-water aerobic exercises are the simplest way to tone you up, but if you are an adventure fun, then try doing water sports available in the area, such as water skiing, kayaking, kite-surfing, surfing or tubing.  

Sleep Well

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It might not sound like important advice, but sleep is the most crucial factor for keeping you healthy. You may be excited about your trip and want to spend less time in your hotel room, sleeping or relaxing but don’t forget that you’ll need as much energy as you have, to do physical activities and walk around all day.

Tip: try to avoid oversleeping, otherwise you will suffer from extreme sleepiness throughout the day.

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