When it comes to keeping fit, the first thing you should consider is a healthy breakfast. It is important to start your day with a complete, nutritious meal as it will boost your metabolism and give you energy to get through the day. Here are some of the healthiest recipes we have chosen for you.

1. Smoked Salmon on Toast

Photo Credits: Monstruo Estudio

It is well known that a diet rich in fish, especially salmon which is high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Vitamin D, has a positive impact on our health by lowering blood pressure, reducing fat in the blood cells and diminishing the risk of blood clots.

This breakfast recipe is as easy as it sounds! You just need some small slices of toasted bread and a softened cream cheese of your choice. You mix the cream cheese together with capers, onions, herbs, salt and pepper and you spread it on the toasted bread. You then put some thin slices of smoked salmon on top and your breakfast is ready to be served!

2. Fruit and Yogurt Smoothie

Photo Credits: Dash Hotel Seminyak

What is simpler than a smoothie in the morning? Smoothies are a great way to eat your fruits and vegetables and you can find a wide variety of smoothie recipes to choose from.

Blend fresh or frozen fruit such as bananas and berries with Greek yogurt and a drink of your choice. Milk or flavored water is usually a good idea. Blend the ingredients together and freeze the mixture overnight and you will have an easy and delicious breakfast to enjoy at home or take with you at work! 

3. Chocolate Quinoa Porridge

Photo Credits: Monika Grabkowska

Do you follow a healthy diet, but you also have a sweet tooth when it comes to chocolate? Then this breakfast recipe is for you!

Quinoa is full of protein, fiber, iron and magnesium and in addition to dark chocolate can be the perfect meal to start your day. You cook the quinoa in a pot or saucepan with water, almond or coconut milk, stirring for some minutes until it is all absorbed. You can enrich the flavor of quinoa by adding honey or maple syrup. Serve in a bowl, adding small pieces of dark chocolate and any other ingredients of your choice, such as fresh or dried fruit and unsalted nuts.

4. Veggie Omelet

Photo Credits: Igor Miske

Eggs are a significant ingredient of many breakfast recipes and always an easy and healthy choice to start off your day. Low in calories, they are a perfect source of protein, vitamins and minerals.

The preparation of an omelet is one of the easiest and most common breakfast recipes you can try. In a saucepan you cook the vegetables you prefer, (bell peppers, onion, mushrooms) adding salt and pepper. You beat the eggs and you mix the ingredients all together, flipping it over until cooked. You can serve it along with toasted bread or even rice and you will have a tasteful morning meal!

5. Avocado Burrito

Burritos are another way of enjoying a quick but nutritious meal when you are tired of the same old cereal and milk breakfast.

Avocados are considered an incredibly nutritious fruit, high in vitamins and potassium and are quite popular all over the world. The soft and creamy texture of an avocado make it easy to include in a variety of recipes and especially as a burrito filling.

Chop the avocado and the tomatoes in small cubes and place them in a bowl. Heat the tortillas on a pan, add some cheese, let it melt and then fill the tortilla with the chopped avocado and tomato. There is no limit to the extra ingredients you can add to your burrito to make it slightly different for each day of the week. It is also delicious when eaten cold so do not hesitate to bring it with you to work and save the money you would spend on your lunch break!