Corfu, the second biggest island in the Ionian Sea, seduces thousands of travelers every year with its enhancing natural beauty, stunning landscapes, and golden-sand beaches with crystal-clear turquoise waters. The best season to visit Corfu is on September, when its nightlife is still thriving and its waters are warm enough to swim and snorkel.

Many Greeks, among of which celebrities, choose to spend their Easter Holidays in Corfu as well, due to its fascinating local traditions that have picked the interest of the global travel community. The Easter Week in Corfu is packed with many events and rituals, but the most popular custom takes place every Easter Saturday, when people drop clay pots from their balconies, smashing them to 1000 pieces for good luck!

There are many aspects of Corfu that will make you adore this island, however, but it would be nothing without its superb hotels and resorts, which are definitely  going to truly steal your heart. Among the several marvelous resorts on the island, there is a great new hotel in Agios Ioannis Peristeron, near Sroggili Village, that stands out for its excellent service and luxurious facilities. Let's find out how an adults-only experience can unfold in Corfu!

Check In!

On the south-eastern corner of Corfu, the marvelous adults-only hotel, called MarBella Nido, invites you to enjoy a premium staying experience exclusively made for couples. The hotel blends modern comforts with traditional aesthetics, creating the perfect setting for a couples who want to relax in a tranquil and intimate environment.

The premium staying experience is guaranteed in all of the hotel's 69 suites, while the Private Villa was specially created to offer 100% privacy and seclusion. The best type of room budget and facilities-wise is the Junior Suite with a Private Pool.   You can check out its facilities and book directly by clicking here!

Corfu Beaches

Corfu Beaches are distinguished for their sandy coasts and crystal-clear turquoise waters. The waters are warm enough from June to September, and their temperature ranges from 21 to 27.7°C on their peak. The resort is right in front of the beautiful beach of Agios Ioannis Peristeron, whose crystal-clear waters have been awarded with a blue flag. Sunbeds and umbrellas are provided free for the hotel's guests while you can enjoy a light snack or a refreshing drink from the beach bar Dolphins at the sister hotel MarBella Corfu.

Other great beaches on the island:

  1. Chalikouna Beach is among the most beautiful beaches in Corfu, featuring fine brown sand and the perfect conditions for swimming, as well as a wide range of water sports. There is a beach bar on the beach, as well as many deserted areas where you can chill out, almost alone. Get directions from the resort here!

  2. Agios Georgios Pagon Beach, located on the most northwestern part of Corfu. This beach is pretty huge and it never get packed with people. It is frequented by windsurfers and couples who want to avoid the big crowds. Check the distance from the resort here! 
  3. Myrtiotissa Beach, one of the most popular nudist beaches on the island. It's packed with all kinds of people every summer, who visit it for an all-over tan, while it's frequented by many gay men as well.  Check the distance from the resort here!

Of course, don't forget that just like in every Greek Island, Corfu has many unexplored beaches, unknown to the crowds. So, if you are a more 'adventurous' type of couple, go for a 'beach exploration' journey and, who knows? You might find out a breathtaking water cave that can host your most romantic moments on the island.

Top Corfu Attractions; The Must SEEs

Just like in every destination around the world, there are some activities that you MUST do when visiting Corfu. As an island whose wild natural beauty has crossed the 7 seas, Corfu is packed with breathtaking natural landscapes, but also historical landmarks that highlight the island's rich culture and history.

The Old Town of Kerkyra offers the perfect staging for your Corfu Instagram photo-shooting. The picturesque alleys of the town, the peaceful squares and the Venetial-style shutters are only some of the reasons why it was also designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Also, don't miss to visit the town's archaeological museum that is open from 8.30 am to 2.45 pm (Tue - Sun) and features ancient exhibits taken from Ancient Kerkyra. Get directions from the resort here!

After being abandoned in the 1960s, the Venetian-era village of Palea Parithia has become the best way to travel back in time and admire the Medieval culture and architecture. The village's most important sight, the 14th-century church of Agios Iakovos O Persis was restored 4-5 years ago, and it displays vivid conserved frescoes which are not yet open in public (hopefully they will be open to the public at some point in 2018). Get directions from the resort here!

Sidari Rock formations is among the most breathtaking natural landmarks on Corfu. It's quite far from the hotel, but it's surely worth the 1 hour journey. The most popular rock formation is the Canal d'Amour, which is surrounded by a small beach equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. Legends has it that you will meet the love of your life if you swim through the passage. But you have already found it, so there is not reason to do that! Get directions from the resort here!

Corfu Outdoor Activities & Spa; The Must DOs

In addition to sightseeing and exploring, you will soon realize that Corfu is packed with many sports and outdoors activities to do as well, while staying in a hotel like Marbella Nido will give you the opportunity to do plenty of indoors activities as well. The spa operates from 10:00 am in the morning, making it possible to enjoy a refreshing spa session at the start of your day, after your breakfast, or even at the evening, after your island exploration.

Most of the activities that you can try in Corfu are based on and around water. There is a water sports center on the beach that offers a wide range of water sports, motorized or not, while the guests can also enjoy the sport facilities of MarBella Nido's sister hotel, MarBella Corfu. Beside the water sports, make sure to try scuba diving in a nearby beach, since the island has a stunning under-sea environment that's worthy to discover. Other activities on the island include cycling, trekking and, of course, sightseeing.

Taste Corfu's traditional cuisine!

Corfu's rich food tradition has made it a major stop for many foodies who want to explore the vast and diverse cuisine of Greece. Most of the dishes are based on local products like local honey, extra virgin olive oil, sheep yogurt, fresh catch-of-the-day fish, tender meat grown up naturally, and seasonal vegetables whose flavors and aromas will truly surprise you. 

The island has an abundance of traditional taverns as well as various great restaurants serving Greek dishes with a unique modern twist. You will find a tavern in almost every village and town on the island, even in the most secluded ones.

But, for a beautiful lunch/dinner with your partner, we urge you to opt for MarBella Nido Hotel's a la carte gourmet restaurant, Apaggio, that presents a new exclusive degustation menu, designed by the two Michelin starred chefs, Georgianna Hiliadaki & Nikos Roussos, the masterminds behind Funky Gourmet in Athens. The degustation menu will be prepared by Nido’s culinary team, Chefs Alexandros Kapsokavadis and Christos Alamanos. Diners at Apaggio will also be able to enjoy additional traditional Corfiot dishes from the a la carte style menu.

These were only some of the experiences that you are going to receive in an island like Corfu. Of course, a car is necessary when visiting Corfu Island, as well as a very good navigator so that you won't get lost. There is no reason to waste more time,   book now at MarBella Nido Suite Hotel & Villas and start planning your Corfu trip!