When you watch the stunning views from Mykonos, breathtaking horse-riding and one of the top luxury resorts, one is for sure, you want to travel now!  

In this inspiring video, you will not just see some hotel grounds, but a complete experience from a couple who live their holiday experience in Mykonos, staying at the same time one of the most luxurious hotels in Greece

Have you ever wondered... what does traveling mean? is it about exploring or is it about seeing new places? Does it mean leaving your own home? But then... what defines your home anyways? Is it the place you were born? or is it the place you made new friends, family, enemies... What happens when every journey of yours is actually your comeback to a place that you once belonged, or still belong. 

This is it what we are talking about when we are referring to Kensho in Mykonos. It's only then that your trip becomes an experience, and the place you once thought as foreign, becomes your home

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