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Mykonos - The luxury holidays you deserve!

Well-known for its iconic beaches, epic sunsets, luxurious boutique hotels, and wild nightlife, the Cycladic island of Mykonos was for long years and still is the favourite island for luxury travellers and celebrities.

Every summer luxurious yachts drop their anchors in the Greek island of the winds and hordes of rich and famous people soak up the healing rays of the Greek sun and indulge in beaches, delicious seafood and designer shopping.

As thus, this cosmopolitan island could not but have some of the best luxury hotels in Greece! Either located right on the beach or within the charming narrow paths of Mykonos Town, the luxury hotels in Mykonos offer you excellent concierge service before and during your stay, exceptional comfort and style along with high-quality amenities.

In this Mykonos Luxury Guide, you will find the best boutique hotels and villas to stay in Mykonos, and the top places to grab your credit card and enjoy delicious dinners and shopping experiences.

The Best Luxury Hotels and Villas in Mykonos

Both in Mykonos Town and surroundings you will find 5-star hotelsluxury boutique hotels, and villas, distinguished by their exceptional concierge and unique Cycladic architecture.

Especially in the heart of Mykonos Town you will find many luxury boutique hotels that welcome their guests with world-class luxury

Kouros Hotel & Suites is one of our favourite options since its convenient location – just 2.5 km away from Mykonos Town - allows you to indulge in total relaxation and luxury combined with easy access to the vibrant nightlife of Mykonos Town.

Additionally, off-white private villas are the top tier option for travellers who expect tranquillity and the very best in a luxury holiday experience in Mykonos. 

Having first class 24/7 lifestyle experts and personal Chef at your disposal along with exceptional services and high-end facilities, ALEGRIA Mykonos is undoubtedly one of the best luxury villas to stay in Mykonos. While its idyllic location overlooking the sapphire blue waters of the Aegean Sea offers you the perfect way to admire the natural charm and beauty of the Cyclades. A classy experience beyond the ordinary!

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Myconian Experiences - Shop, Taste, Explore!

Being a popular island among luxury travellers, Mykonos boasts of its many fine-dining restaurants, boutiques shops, and art galleries! 

Designer Shopping – By strolling along the narrow paths of Mykonos you will find many boutiques and fashion stores with the latest European trends! Moreover, some of the luxury hotels in Mykonos have even their own boutique store within their premises selling fashionable beach baskets, layered jewellery, and Greek Sandals! However, if you are looking for international luxury brands, then in Mykonos Town you will find a sophisticated Louis Vuitton store presenting collections perfect for beach occasions and elegant summer evenings.

Art Galleries – In the heart of Mykonos Town you will find picturesque establishments showcasing collections of international and local artists. Rarity Gallery is the largest and longest-running art gallery on the island exhibiting everything from painting to photography.

Culinary Experiences – If you are a food lover then Mykonos will surely please your palate! See our Mykonos Food Guide with the best fine-dining restaurants and lounge bars in Mykonos.

Explorations - Mykonos’ magnificent landscapes and shores create an ideal scenery for explorations either with a luxury yacht or a private jeep. Ask your hotel concierge if they are arranging private tours with yachts, jeeps, or even helicopter!

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