Maldives is a unique country to visit for vacations. Your experience in this exotic country will be most likely shaped by the resort you will choose to stay, since most of the hotels are located on secluded islands. You could choose to stay in the country’s busy capital, Malé, which will give you more things to do, however, since you are going all the way to the Maldives, you should do it the right way!

Another option would be to stay in more than one resorts, however, this would cost you a lot of money and time, since you will have to move around the islands.

The peculiar nature of the destination has urged the hotels to to offer experiences in addition to accommodation. Most of the hotels feature several restaurants and a wide range of other facilities like world-class spa where you can enjoy massages on the beach, fully equipped gyms, stunning private beaches, and various sport activities!

Recently, we have discovered a unique resort in the Maldives, called Amaya Resort Kuda Rah, that surprised us positively. The resort offers advanced in-hotel facilities, as well as a wide range of outdoor activities & tours which will re-shape your next holidays in this beautiful exotic country. Let's discover the activities!

1. Scuba Diving in the Maldives

Scuba Diving is the most popular activity in the Maldives, since this is the country hosting some of the most stunning coral reefs in the world. The majority of the hotels -if not all- offer diving lessons and the necessary facilities to admire the stunning under-sea environment. 

The reef nearby the island is bleached, however   Amaya Resort Kuda Rah regrows Corals, creating a breathtaking underwater environment. During your excursion, you will see black tip sharks, turtles, clown-fish, eels, moray, Eagle Rays, and many other small fish.

Even if you are not a beginner scuba-diver, we would recommend you to take the hotel's scuba diving lessons. During your 3-hour snorkeling session, you will be accompanied by a professional scuba-diver who will guide you through the reefs!

2. Whale Shark & Manta Ray Snorkelling

Scuba Diving is great, but have you ever snorkeled in a sea packed with manta rays and whale sharks?  You heard right! Scuba diving might be the most popular activity in the Maldives, however, manta ray and whale shark snorkeling is the most popular activity in the resort.

The resort is located on the only place in the entire world where you can spot whale sharks throughout the year. It's a definite must-try for the adventure seekers, but a worth-living experience for everyone. You can enjoy this thrilling activity from 9:00 a.m. in the morning until noon.

3. Lucky Dolphin Watching & Turtle Quests

Dolphin Watching lasts for about 3 hours and it takes place every morning or midday. You will sail through the stunning Maldivian waters with a traditional sailing dhoni, which is a handcrafted sail boat, similar to dhow, a traditional Arab sailing vessel. Alongside the dolphins, you will also see whales!

The Turtle Quest is among the most popular activities in Amaya Resort Kuda Rah, and it takes places every day in the morning. The turtles can be observed in the crystal-clear blue waters of the beach, while you can swim alongside them. Even if you are not fond of turtles, the large diversity of sea turtles on the island will surely pick your interest! 

4. Sunset Cruise & Sunset fishing

Even if you have never gone fishing before, you are going to love Sunset Fishing at Amaya Resort Kuda Rah. As the name suggests, it takes place during sunset hours, from 5 to 7:30 pm. Of course, you can enjoy the fresh fish that you caught, specially prepared by the hotel's main chef for you!

The Sunset Cruise was created specially the little love-birds, who are either on their honeymoon or in search of ways to re-ignite their love. The endless blue of the sea transforms into a vivid bright red every sunset, making you question if you are still on earth.

5. Thrilling Maldives Experiences | Water Sports

There are so many thrilling water sport activities that you can do in Amaya Resort Kudah Rah, that will surely leave you speechless. The activities range from Stand up paddle boarding to the adreline-packed jet-skiing & tubing. So, pack your swim-wear and get ready for your most exciting experience of your life.

A great way to contribute to re-creation of the local undersea environment is through the Coral Replanting Project, which allows you to plant your own coral, as well as monitor their progress. And don't forget, the next time you visit the resort, you can see how it has grown with your own eyes!

6. A Soothing Experience for Body & Mind

Amaya Spa by Mandara is not a simple spa but a sanctuary that was specially designed to relax your body and refresh your spirit. We highly recommend you to try the Ultimate Indulgence Package on the first or second day of your trip, since it will completely relax you and ensure a better flow of your Maldivian holidays.

A wide range of special body massages by Mandara will further relax you during your trip, while the special beauty treatments will sooth and refresh your skin. In addition to the Mandara treatments, you will also find various Elemis Treatments, from which you will notice gorgeous results on your skin as well.

In addition to the referred activities and tours, there are many things that you can actually do in Amaya Resort Kuda Ruah as well. You can either dine in one of the resort's restaurants, swim and sunbath at the island's crystal-blue beach, or simply relax in your own villa. The hotel's villas excel in design and aesthetics, offering luxurious facilities that will further upgrade your holidays. You can visit the hotel's website to further discover the hotel, or   check prices directly by clicking here!