Anyone staying close to the city center, especially near the area of Friedrichshain, can admire the creativity that defines and adds to the unique character of this European city. Artists from all over the world, have become popular by their graffiti and works of art, throughout the streets of Berlin. 

We present you some well-known street art, found in the German capital:

Photo Credits: 360b /

Remnants of the former Berlin Wall with graffities and paintings (here of Barack Obama)  in the Friedrichshain district of Berlin.

Photo Credits: Ewais /

"Test the Best"by Birgit Kinder, Berlin Wall in the East Side Gallery, strolling down Mühlenstraße.

Photo Credits: Valentina Photos /

Part of the East Side Gallery graffiti of the author Dimitry Vrubel representing the kiss between Brezhnev and Honecker.

Photo Credits: meunierd /

Street art mural of Flash supehero by unknow artist.

Photo Credits: Shanti Hesse /

Street art in Berlin at the Teufelsberg.

Photo Credits: carol.anne /

Murals on buildings painted by artist Sky, at the western end of the Oberbaum Bridge in Kreuzberg.

Photo Credits: Radiokafka /

Robot life street art by unknown artist, on the wall of a popular outdoor cafe. 

Photo Credits: Shanti Hesse /

Street art in Berlin at the Teufelsberg

Photo Credits: Ewais /

Berlin Wall located on the East Side Gallery.

Photo Credits: meunierd /

Gabriel Heimler's mural "The Wall Jumper" on Berlin wall.

Pack your camera,  book your hotel in Berlin, and go on a street art-tour of the city, in order to experience the urban art scene of one of the most historically important European capitals!