The country’s capital, Amsterdam is one of the most recognized and significant spots of the bicycle culture worldwide! There are bike rental shops and street traders located in every part of every Dutch city.  View some of the fanciest Duch bikes, found all over the country!

Amsterdam street view.

Autumn in Holland. 

Row of parked bicycles, somewhere in Amsterdam.

A bike by bridge in the Hague.

Photo Credits: BlackMac /

A shop of Dutch cheeses in Amsterdam, with bike stacks of cheese on display.

Old Bike and Windmills at Netherlands, a typical Dutch scenery.

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Bike lining over a wall, somewhere in Amsterdam.

Retro style bicycles in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Fancy Dutch bike with basket and colorful flowers.

Hotels in the Netherlands also, offer bike rental services, in order to help their guests, experience their holiday from a local’s point of view!