Featuring an abundance of gorgeous beaches, from rocky to sandy ones, Peloponnese has served as the ultimate beach destination near Athens for quite a long time. The peninsula is easily accessible by car, but you can reach it by bus as well. The Peloponnese is known for its rich history, tasty cuisine, traditional villages, but its beaches have a reputation for themselves as well. Voidokilia, for example, is among the top 5 most popular beaches in Greece. 

So, we have created this very special article, to guide you to the most popular beaches in the Peloponnese.

  • Valtaki
  • Mavrovouni
  • Simos
  • Tolo
  • Alypa 
  • Punta
  • Voidokilia
  • Foneas

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Located in the village of Mani is the beach of Valtaki, which is notable for its shipwreck dusted on the shore and one of the most spectacular views in the world. The shipwreck has been washed up since 1981 and there are many different theories on how it arrived on shore. Some say it was used to smuggle cigarettes and the fire was just to hide the evidence. Regardless, the shipwreck is an excellent tourist destination where you can grab some cool photos! Be aware that this beach is unorganized and there are no facilities - so make sure to pack everything you need!

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Another Beach in Mani is Mavrovouni, which is a village built on top of a hill. The beach itself stretches over 5km long, has coarse-sand, clear waters. If you're lucky, you will see many turtles laying their eggs here. This beach has also been awarded with two Blue Flags and is ideal for families, couples and singles! 

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Upgrade your beach-cation by staying in one of the top boutique hotels in Greece,   Bassa Maina Villas and Suites, located directly in Mani Village (close to Valtaki, Mavrovouni and Alypa Beaches). This region is in the south of Peloponnese and features stunning views of the Mediterranean, Mount Taygetus, gorgeous architecture and other stunning hotel features.  

Bassa Maina Villas and Suites has nine luxurious rooms that all feature private terraces, stunning views, elaborate decor and impeccable service! The hotel also includes a bar, guest lounge, conference rom, a business center and outdoor spacing. 

Alypa Beach

Also situated in Mani,  Alypa Beach is a tad bit smaller than the other beaches on this list. However, the quaint size makes it more private and secluded for those who want to getaway from herds of tourists. This is the ideal place to visit if you are also planning on going to a town visit to Kokkala or the surrounding area.

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Simos Beach

Simos Beach is a fan favorite for Peloponnese. Instead of being surrounded by hard pebbles, the beach is made up of fine grains of sand, making it ideal for those who want to go strolling. The water is a clear blue and is perfect for those who want to enjoy water sports (which you can rent as well!) This beach is very organized and you can find many sun beds, umbrellas and water equipment to rent!

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Tolo Beach

Tolo Beach is another local favorite on the Peloponnese. Similar to Simos, Tolo has beautiful sands and clear waters that make it ideal for any kind of visitor. What sets it apart, is the long array of restaurants and cafes that are located right on the edge of the water. It's the perfect balance for those who want to be by the beach but don't want to tan the whole day! Sip on a cocktail and eat a meal as you watch stunning views of the waves crashing. 

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The service at this hotel is amazing, with free wifi and daily changed towels. The on-site restaurant features plenty of options and with breakfast being served fom 8am to 11:30am and dinner from 7pm to 11pm. 

After a meal, try going to the fitness center to help digest! Bassa Maina has a gym featuring equipment such as treadmills, elliptical machines, pilates and more. Check out the hotel spa which features certified masseuses, private Jacuzzis and more!


Punta is a beach that, although is covered with pebbles and not rocks, is a local favorite. It has been awarded with a Blue Flag for it's stunning waters and organized facilities. It is also located in the small village of Achaia, where you can see excellent views of the Corinthian. 

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Voidokilia is considered to be one of the best beaches in all of Greece, and is reputable because of its strange shape! The name of the beach actually originates from the word "Voufras", which means "where the cattle live", and the bay of the water looks like the stomach of an ox. This beach features a natural creek over fine, white sand. 

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The beach of Foneas can be found just outside the town of Kardamili and is considered to be a well preserved beach because of how unknown it is to tourists. At the end of this beach, there is a gorge and a bridge. The beach itself is difficult to reach and can basically only be accessed from a small dirt road between trees. The beach itself has white pebbles, dark blue waters and a large rock in the center of the beach. 

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