Santorini is widely recognized as one of the best destinations around the globe for romantic holidays, honeymoons, and marriages. This is why thousands of couples of all ages and nationalities visit it every year, in order to celebrate their love and admire its breathtaking sceneries. There are two types of landscapes that you are going to find in Santorini. The most popular and romantic landscape can be found on the Caldera Side, and it is distinguished for its stunning hotels and villages hanging from a steep cliff.

Nowadays, there are many hotels offering breathtaking views of the Caldera, however the majority of them are based mainly on their great views, neglecting the rest facilities and services. There are very few of them actually stepping out of their comfort zone, offering unique services and facilities that will make your Santorini trip a unique experience to remember. Among the handpicked hotels where you can enjoy a unique experience compared to none other is Canaves Oia Hotel in the beautiful Oia Village. 

Canaves Oia Hotel: The Vision!

  Canaves Oia Hotel is actually one of the hotels that transformed the fishing village of Oia into the luxury getaway that we get to admire today. Its story started in 1985, when Yiannis and Anna Chaidemenos decided to transform 17th century caves that used to store wine into chic luxury hotel rooms. Once hosting only two rooms, Canaves Oia has expanded to 18 hotel rooms aspiring to become the host of the ideal honeymoons.

In 2010, Chaidemenos' sons, Markos and Alexandros, took over, bringing a new era to Canaves Oia Hotel. Since their take over, Canaves Oia has gained a worldwide reputation while it has won various awards. In 2017, all of the common areas of the hotel were renovated and a new infinity pool was added in the hotel. 

Honeymoon Suite + More!

The newly renovated Honeymoon Suite was specially created for the little love birds who are searching for a nestle to cuddle - and not only. Its private balcony offers stunning views over the caldera and it features a luxurious plunge pool Jacuzzi where you can relax whenever you want. 

Of course, you will be welcome with a complimentary welcome drink which you can enjoy upon your arrival as well as a complimentary bottle of wine and fruits. The breakfast will be served at your private terrace from 8 am to 11:15 am in the morning, which you can enjoy at your terrace overlooking the caldera.

Another great room for couples is the River Pool Suite.

The Finest Dining Experience in Santorini!

The Infinity Pool Bar Restaurants offers an all day menu with casual lunch choices, snacks, and signature cocktails which you can enjoy while sunbathing. During the day, the bar has a chilling atmosphere with lounge music, while special events and cocktail nights are often scheduled in the evenings. It's a great way to socialize with other couples in the hotel!

It would be a shame if you visited Santorini and did not taste its exceptional wines. Wine tasting is among the most popular activities on the island for couples and not only. The hotel makes your wine tasting experience even easier by offering a selection of the best local wine labels, hand selected by the hotel's sommelier.

The perfect choice for couples is, of course, the in-room dining experience, which allows you to enjoy a luxurious dinner at your private balcony overlooking Caldera. You can choose from a wide range of exceptional dishes, all of which are based on the Greek/Mediterranean Cuisine.

Santorini Activities for Couples!

There are so many activities to do in Santorini that you will need at least a week to explore the island and feel satisfied with your experience. The hotel offers some great experiences for couples, and not only, which are tailor-made for those who want to live an authentic island experience in the Mediterranean.

Canaves Oia offers exclusive Sailing Excursions, which you can enjoy either alone with friends/other hotel guests. They offer the perfect setting to enjoy the Santorinian sunset, while you will discover the most hidden treasures around the island.

A Special Tribute to Weddings!

Your wedding should be as exceptional as you are. This is why Canaves Oia Hotel in Santorini makes sure to offer a complete and easy marriage experience for the most important decision of your life. The hotel gives you the opportunity to add a wide diversity of services and facilities in your wedding that will give to it the special touch that it would otherwise lack.

The hotel wedding experts are ready to take care of the wedding essential, special arrangements, the music, the menu, as well as the give you some unique concept wedding ideas that will make your wedding a memorable experience to remember. Of course, one day of celebration would not suffice for your wedding, so you can choose a special event for The Day After your wedding. We recommend your the archaeological tour or the sailing cruise!