Who doesn't love shopping in Bangkok?! It's quite remarkable how a city can offer so many luxurious shopping opportunities but also more budget-friendly options. The diversity of shopping experiences in Bangkok far exceeds the simple strolls in the malls or streets that we are used to. The places where you will find the best shopping opportunities are:


  1. Central World - Opened in 2006, Central World belongs in the 10 biggest shopping malls in the world; it's so big that you will find even cars and motorbikes for sale. It has 8 floors and each floor is dedicated to a specific category; like the 6th floor is for kids, the 2nd floor is for women, the 3rd floor is for men and the 4th floor for electronics.    (Google Coordinates)
  2. Chatuchak Market - It's certainly the ultimate market, not only for its big size but also the diversity of wares is really unbelievable. Here, you will find anything from beads, suits of armor, vinyl records or even live seahorses. Bargaining is also part of the culture, and if you are kind enough you can get some really good price reductions. Due to the fact that, most probably, you will end up spend a day in the market, we recommend you to wear light clothes while a backpack will be of great help.    (Google Coordinates)
  3. Asiatique the Riverfront - The perfect combination of the 2 most popular shopping experiences in Bangkok, Asiatique is a night bazaar and mall in the once International trade port. Featuring more than 1.500 boutiques & 40 restaurants, it's impossible to explore this place in a day or two. The nightly entertainment is also pretty various ranging from classic Thai puppet performances to ladyboys' cabaret shows. It's open from 5:00 pm to midnight.    (Google Coordinates)
  4. Or Tor Kor Food Market - Ranking among the 5 best fresh markets in the world, Or Tor Kor offers much more than what a simple market has to offer. It features an excellent range of delicious fruits, fresh vegetables, meats & seafood creating an environment packed with rich flavors and perfumes. If you happen to be a foodie-traveler or a chef, then this place will become your personal heaven!    (Google Coordinates)

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