As a cultural traveller it is fundamental that you check off your travel adventures a visit to the port city of Guangzhou. Through the city runs the Pearl River, a staple location where you can find restaurants, shops and the important port whose status as an international trading point for China goes back centuries. Walking along you'll see grand modern skyscrapers framing each side of the river, as well as colourful traditional boats that create a colour display of bright lights in the evening.

The city will impress you with its mixture of modern, new cultural venues and old historical sites which provide insight into China's rich history. In this guide we'll spill the beans and tell you how to explore Cantonese culture, whilst staying at an upscale boutique hotel, located on Pearl River

Ding, ding ding! Check in at LN Hotel Five!


Your culture exploration will start within the hotel since a short walk at the hotel's hallway will be as educational as in most museums. Its central location, in the heart of Guangzhou's arts district, makes it the best starting point of your cultural trip in the city.

Settle into   LN Hotel Five by checking into your Executive Suite. The rooms were inspired by the traditional Chinese "Theory of Five elements", featuring soft colours that are relaxing to the eye.

Notice authentic touches throughout LN Hotel Five that extends to wall decor and the modern yet traditionally inspired style of light fixtures. Located in the heart of the arts district, the hotel's interior is also greatly decorated with bursts of colour that imitate the vibrant presence of art within the city. After taking in the beautiful authentic Cantonese interiors of the hotel, be sure to admire the stunning view of the city and the Pearl River on your private balcony and begin relaxing into your comfortable surroundings.

A different kind of High Tea Experience: Tea 5 Restaurant!

Guangzhou, as the "Gastronomical Capital of China", boasts rich cuisine and delicious recipes. We recommend getting a taste of this paradise by immersing yourself into Cantonese Afternoon Tea or by trying wide range of Dim Sums at LN Five Hotel. This fine dining experience can be enjoyed with family or friends after a long day of travelling and is the first ideal cultural activity to engage in, without having to search far and wide!

Cantonese food such as the Traditional Steamed Shrimp Dumplings and Steamed Pork "Siu Mai" are served by Kiki, who can be spotted sporting a beautiful traditional "Qi Pao" dress. Friendly staff with extensive knowledge of the cuisine will happily answer any questions you may have whilst you sit back and take in the atmosphere. 

"Calling all visitors to the Metro to begin your Guangzhou adventure!"

LN Hotel Five is just a ten minutes' walk away from two metros which makes it extremely convenient if you wish to head into the city and explore various sights. The closest metro stations are Beijing Lu (which runs Line 6) and Haizhu Square (which runs line 6 and 2). The close transport links also allow you to head quickly into the famous Beijing Road, that attracts many tourists for its large volume of shops and restaurants. After familiarising yourself with the Metro, it's time to begin your Cantonese adventure, and we know just where to go to explore the best sights! 

Museum of the Mausoleum of Western Han Dynasty - Nanyue King

Credits: Tomb

If you are interested in history or archaeology, this museum is a must-see to witness history that dates back 2,000 years at the intriguing tomb of Zhao Tuo. To visit this fascinating historical museum, and the tomb site of the second ruling king of the Nanyue Kingdom, head to Haizhu Square, and take metro Line 2. Exit at Yuexiu Park using Exit E and walking along in a northern direction you will find the vermilion museum building just a five-minute walk away from the station! 

Discover the ancient and beautiful Dafo Temple! 

Credits: Temple

Guangzhou's modern and incredibly high-level of tolerance and open mindedness towards religion is reflected in the space shared amongst Christian Churches and joss houses such as Buddhist Temples. Luckily, not far from LN Hotel Five you can discover gorgeous Buddhist temples that welcome all types of visitors and travellers.

According to historical records, Dafo Temple dates back 1,000 years. Upon your visit, sit quietly and listen to the chants and prayers of monks in the background and soak in the peaceful atmosphere.Although a visit during the day will grant you access into the temple, we also suggest visiting during night to witness its impressive light decorations.

An Authentic Cantonese Lunch that's unlike anything you've tasted before! 

For lunch, head to Tea 5 Restaurant to immerse yourself in a dining experience compared to that of a private banquet. Taste the whimsical flavours of the Guangzhou native, Executive Chef Bob who understands and appreciates the reputation the city has for being a "Paradise for Food".  Bob aims to greet guests with exemplary traditional Cantonese culinary dishes that will surpass all their previous Chinese dining experiences in quality and flavour. Be sure to try his signature dishes: Sweet and Sour Pork, Griddled "Qingyuan" Chicken with White Pepper, Signature Roasted Goose with Preserved Vegetables amongst others. 

Dive into the life of the locals: Qingping Medicine Market!

For a truly immersive activity that will bring you into the midst of the locals daily routines, visit the traditional Chinese Medicine Market Qingping.  Arrange a car service with LN Hotel and within a 15-minute drive you'll find yourself in the hustle and bustle of this wonderful Chinese Market.

Wander into the market's busy alleys and discover stalls selling ancient Chinese herbal medicines, flowers, dried fruits, meat, seafood, eggs, vegetables, fish and birds. The market will inspire you as you explore unique, traditional remedies that contrast against all your knowledge of Western medicine! 

A colonial city that feels a bit like home: Shamian Island! 

A few blocks away from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Market you will come across the Shamian Island, a European region that was built in 1800's to develop this part of China in a way to feel more like home to those who were thousands of miles away. The island is dotted with charming statues where young children and adults are posing for a photo.

If you wish to wander around, this is an ideal destination with cafes nearby if you wish to stop for a cool drink.  Contrastingly, those interested in learning more about this area can visit the informative museum that shares the history of the island. 

"Pearl River, I'm crossing you in style someday..." 

Explore Guangzhou by cruising along Pearl River and relaxing after a day spent walking and sightseeing. Enjoy seeing the big sights you visited by day at night, when the city beams in colour amongst bright lights. The cruise covers sights such as the Shamian Island, Aiqun Mansion and the the Haizhu Bridge. Luckily if you're already considering the Executive Suite, we recommend booking the Pearl River Cruise Package at LN Hotel. The package includes two tickets to the cruise and breakfast for two.  This is ideal if you don't want the added hassle of booking the cruise separately - LN Hotel 5 will take care of all that. 

180 Degree Views of Pearl River: Roof Top Bar!

Relax and unwind at Rooftop Bar that overlooks Pearl River and its festively lit boats and bridges at night. For an authentic Cantonese experience, enjoy your view with a taste of China's national drink: Baijiu by trying tailor-made baijiu cocktails at the bar. Baijiu is made primarily from sorghum (a flowering plant), and rice that is aged over time in terra-cotta barrels.

This traditional drink is often served to create a special bond, one might even say it is a device used to facilitate good will! With its newly introduced resident band, buoyant and upbeat musical performances are on full showcase at the bar, every Tuesday to Saturday of the week from 18:00 to 12:30. Featuring panoramic cityscape and enchanting Live music, Roof Top Bar is a pitch-perfect retreat for a long cool drink and sumptuous snacks.

Guangzhou: A Metropolis destination for cultural explorers! 

Guangzhou invites travellers to not only stay in gorgeous accommodation but to also discover everything there is to know about Cantonese Culture. LN Hotel Five convenient location provides access to plenty of authentic experiences and activities for you to partake in. For this reason we suggest you begin planning your authentic Cantonese vacation by checking booking information at   LN Hotel Five!