Going on a vacation is a joyous moment in everyone’s lives, and it’s an opportunity to relax, take your mind off things, and enjoy yourself for a while. But, some people don’t know how to behave on a vacation, and just end up eating more food and having more drinks that they should. So, while staying fit on your vacation is never easy, it’s still something you need to do – or at least try to do – if you don’t want to return home feeling like a slob. Therefore, here are five simple nutrition and fitness tips that will help you return home looking better than ever.

Plan everything ahead

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Any kind of vacation requires careful planning, and this is particularly important when you’re thinking about staying fit. So, find a few methods that are going to work for you and start practicing them from day one, because this is the most vital part of your vacation and the only way to actually maintain your weight.

Luckily, even the simplest things can go a long way, and stuff like establishing a proper sleeping routine, working out, having three healthy meals a day and staying hydrated is what’s going to help you achieve your goals. In the end, remember to keep up this routine every single day, and you may even return home leaner than before.

Find time for a workout

If you’re staying in a nice hotel that includes a gym or a swimming pool, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use these facilities on daily basis. Still, if you’re planning to hit the gym, don’t forget to pack all your workout equipment with you and your gym attire – from your comfortable Nike shoes to your favorite J.Crew shirts and shorts. Basically, pick those things you’re wearing at home, and take them with you on the road as well.

Nice hotels also include a spa and a Jacuzzi, so use these things too. Yes, swimming in the sea is probably cooler than that, but it surely isn’t more relaxing than a spa, especially after an intense workout.

Pack your supplements

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The problem with eating while you’re vacationing is that your meals can be quite different from the food you have back home. That means your body may not be ready to process it properly, and you may not feel good all the time, no matter how healthy you eat. And that’s not something workout aficionados want to hear.

So, if you’re planning on hitting the gym on your vacation, packing some supplements is a must. The point is not introducing too much change into your workout regime, so your regular supplements will do. They should be full of useful ingredients, too, which is why those useful Australian NaturalCare magnesium tablets might be just what you need. Explore their benefits and try them out, and you could easily continue using them at home as well.

Stay active and stay fit

While most people go on vacation to cool off and do nothing, fitness enthusiasts all over the world can’t picture that scenario. That’s why working out while they’re on vacation is so important, and they’re always looking for ways to be active. Staying fit while vacationing isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it’s definitely not impossible, so give it a thought and find ways to achieve your fitness goals.

Waking up early and exploring the place you’re visiting are simple yet highly effective ways to stay fit. This is quite easy if you’re visiting a particular town or area, so just walk all over it instead of taking the bus or taxi. Alternatively, if you’re going to the seaside, spend time swimming, and if you’re headed towards the mountains, don’t be afraid to ski all day long.

Focus on a healthy breakfast

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The choice of breakfast on your vacation depends on where you’re staying – fancy hotels offer a wide variety of food, while your Airbnb hosts don’t. So, if you choose the latter, you may end up making breakfast on your own, which could seem boring, but it’s actually a great way for you to prepare the healthiest breakfast in the world.

Some of the most nutritious recipes you can try include smoked salmon sandwiches, fruit smoothies, chocolate porridge, veggie omelets and avocado burritos, and if you’re handy and know your way around the kitchen, you can prepare these in just a couple of minutes. And the best thing is that these recipes are healthy and nutritious, and they’ll boost your energy level and help you stay fit.

Most people think that vacations are all about relaxing and not thinking about your appearance, but if you pay attention to what you’re eating and doing, you may easily lose a couple of pounds and actually enjoy your vacation more than you’ve expected.