Mani is a historical region in the Peloponnese that is distinguished for its wild beauty, featuring houses that resemble of towers, stone buildings, byzantine churches, small rivers and breath-taking caves. But, what’s exactly the connection of Mani with the Greek Cuisine?

When visiting Mani, you should get prepared to get a taste of authentic Greek culture – which means Greek cuisine, as well. The peninsula is the home of production for many ingredients that are used as the basis in many Greek dishes like olives, olive oil, honey, mizithra, hilopites and, the most popular one, sigklino.

Of course, there are many local dishes that you should definitely give a try during your food trip in Mani like the kagiana (fried eggs with tomato and cheese, the handmade pasta with local mizithra, the various pies, and the special lalagia and tiganites.

But, if you are truly planning to visit Mani, then you have to find a place to stay first.   Petra Kai Fos Boutique Hotel & Spa is actually among the best hotels in the region for culinary travellers who want to discover the local cuisine.

Getting to know Petra kai Fos | A Love Story from the first Sight!

Petra Kai Fos means “Stone and Light” and that’s exactly the hotel’s concept. Stone represent eternity and the light represents life that is born from the natural light. The hotel is completely made of stone while the natural light of the sun reaches every of the resort’s corners.

There is a room for every kind of traveller in Petra kai Fos, from solo travellers to couples and families. On search of a romantic nest? The Loft Suite offers the ideal setting as well as complete privacy and seclusion that you can enjoy with your partner. The Triple Superior Room is ideal for small families and the double comfort is excellent for solo travellers!

IONI Spa offers great massages that are highly recommended to release the tension of your busy life and start your holidays fresh. If you want a more relaxing experience, then you could simply a daily one-hour session at the hotel’s sauna and you won’t regret it.

One thing is for sure when visiting Mani and Petra kai Fos Hotel, you are going to eat well. So, if you want to maintain, or, at least, keep control of your weight, you can work out at the “Fos” Gym, operating from early in the morning until 9 o’clock in the evening.

Let’s start your food experience in Mani!

A traditional Greek Breakfast to remember!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Petra Kai Fos Boutique Hotel & Spa has surely gotten a gasp of it. The breakfast in Petra Kai Fos does not stand out for its quantity, but more importantly on its quality – no wonder why it has earned so many awards.

The breakfast in Petra & Fos includes a wide diversity of homemade marmalades of fruits from the hotel’s trees, traditional spoon sweets, the renowned local Sigklino, traditional galatopita (milk pie), homemade tsoureki, local cheeses, olive oils, the traditional kagianas, seasonal vegetables and fruits, honey and more.

Of course, the breakfast is taken at the hotel’s main restaurant Anerousa, offering marvellous views over Mani, as well as a traditional setting that comes to further enhance the experience. The breakfast can be taken until quarter past eleven.

And so, your food journey goes on…

The breakfast will be only a part of your Mani food experience in Petra Kai Fos. Anerousa Restaurant has combined perfectly the traditional local flavours with the gourmet and authenticity of a michelin-star restaurant, creating exceptional dishes that you will definitely love. All of the dishes are based on locally produced ingredients while their presentation makes them look like small states-of-art.

Don’t miss to try the traditional spaghetti made with handmade bucatini, siglino, grated mizithra in milk butter and a fried egg on top – this is the ideal dish to represent the local food culture. The potato salad with orange, onion, siglino, olives and fresh herbs from the mountain of Taygetus is another excellent dish if you want to try unique flavors.

Of course, we highly recommend you enjoy your dinner on the restaurant’s terrace, while watching the enchanting landscape of Mani painted in a Crimson Red colour due to the sunset.